Niantic vowed that the Season of Discovery will be a thrilling occasion for players, and they’ve delivered so far, with legendary pokemon like Regigigas and Mewtwo making an appearance in 5★ Raids. However, the comeback of Deoxys in his Defense Forme is among the most thrilling inclusions. This profound Mythical monster is famous in both the Great League and the Master League for being one of the strongest fighters.


  • Weakness: Bug, Dark, Ghost
  • Resistance: Fighting, Psychic
Fast Move Main Move
  • Zen Headbutt
  • Counter
  • Psycho Boost
  • Rock Slide
  • Thunderbolt

Raid Guide

This legendary pokemon will be available from the 1st of July (8:00PM) until the 16th (10:00AM). Keep in mind that this is the perfect chance to try and catch it!

Deoxys Defense Forme will only emerge in 5★ Raids and has a Boss CP of 36,170, making it a difficult foe to overcome. So it is highly advisable to do this raid with a minimum of 5 teammates. Additionally, take a look at our recommended counter pokemon list below:

Pokemon Fast Move Main Move
Chandelure Hex Shadow Ball
Gengar Lick Shadow Ball
Darkrai Snarl Shadow Ball
Scizor Fury Cutter X-Scissor
Weavile Snarl Foul Play
Mewtwo Psycho Cut Shadow Ball
Tyranitar Bite Crunch
Pinsir Fury Cutter X-Scissor
Banette Shadow Claw Shadow Ball

As of writing, a shiny variant of Deoxys Defense Forme is unavailable. Shiny versions of Legendary and Mythical critters are usually introduced through a special occasion, so we’ll have to sit tight and see if we’ll get to see it soon!

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