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The present mechanism for obtaining Destiny’s legendary weaponry and armor is well-known among Destiny 2 fans. The 1000-Yard Stare is no exception.

This weapon comes as a randomized drop from a particular event. The rifle may be obtained through the Bungie anniversary dungeon The Grasp of Avarice, which is a three-player action. After defeating the last monster, Captain Avorakk the Covetous, the sniper rifle may be found in the chest.

1000-Yard Stare

Such as the other legendary firearms in the game, the 1000-Yard Stare may be obtained with a variety of bonuses.

Those that desire the most deadly form of the weapon may have to complete The Grasp of Avarice dungeon numerous times in order to obtain the rifle with all of the greatest attributes. There are bonuses like ‘Tactical Mag,’ ‘Triple Tap,’ and ‘Dragonfly’ for gamers who want to employ the sniper in the Crucible.

Is It Worth It?

  • Along with many other snipers in the game, this gun is a backup weapon that needs special ammo. Some gamers have also claimed that the weapon’s aim assist renders defeating competitors in the Crucible more challenging, but also more gratifying.
  • The 1000-Yard Stare can be a top PVP weapon. Its range is limited than the other snipers in the game, making it fitter to the Crucible’s smaller areas and quick action.
  • The weapon may also include the attributes ‘Quickdraw’ and ‘Snapshot Sights,’ which are excellent complements to any player’s inventory. The sniper rifle’s other stats are equal to those of other prominent snipers, making it a versatile weapon in Destiny 2.
Screengrab Courtesy of This Week In Video Games via YouTube

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