Destiny 2: 30th Anniversary Event; How To Get Other Half Sword

The Other Half sword remains an exceedingly elusive and rare drop from Xur’s Dares of Eternity quest two months after the 30th Anniversary update. While some lucky fans have been able to obtain this Halo-inspired purple sword, the Other Half has yet to be discovered by the majority of the players.

Other Half Sword

Bungie has a long and successful history of producing sci-fi shooters in a span of generations. It’s been around for 30 years, and it’s commemorating the occasion with a special event in Destiny 2, which includes numerous weapons that are obvious references to Bungie’s prior title, Halo.

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Xur’s Treasure Hoard is the only area where players can obtain the Other Half Sword. Players may find this unique shop by going to their Destinations directory and selecting Eternity.

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Players will also need a little luck on their side. The Other Half Sword can be found in one of Xur’s treasure boxes, which act as legendary weapon gachas. It can be found on the ledge overlooking the rest of the Treasure Room, right past Xur himself, in the correct chest.

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Players will need to use a Treasure Key to open one of the chests. Finding and storing Treasure Keys is a time-consuming activity that involves hours of grinding.

Treasure Keys

The simplest way to obtain Treasure Keys is to purchase them directly from Starhorse using Strange Coins. Strange coins are unique currency created specifically for this event in Destiny 2. Each Treasure Key will cost you at least ten Strange Coins. Dares of Eternity is the only way to obtain Strange Coins.

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However, the quickest way to earn Treasure Keys without using Strange Coins is to take part in Dares of Eternity, the event’s free co-operative survival mission. Each session can have up to six players and every successful run results in a Treasure Key drop. Players can preserve their Strange Coins this way and use them to make better purchases from Starhorse.

Open Treasure Chests

Screengrab Courtesy of Fallout Plays via YouTube

Make sure to get a Starhorse bounty from the mystical horse in Xur’s Treasure Hoard. Completing Starhorse bounties earns the player Paraversal Hauls, which may be used to get more Treasure Keys, Strange Coins, Legendary Gear, and Exotic Gear.

The first three bounties are available once every day, and the latter three once per weekly reset, making them an excellent way to farm Coins and Keys.

All the player has to do now is return to Xur’s Treasure Hoard with enough treasure keys. They only need to interact with the treasure chest next to him from there.

May The RNG Gods Smile Upon Us 🙂

It’s a big commitment to roll for the Other Half Sword. It may take several runs before the gamer gets it. The Other Half Sword’s drop rate is unknown, with some players acquiring the sword in the first few weeks of Dares of Eternity and others have played the game mode for over 50 hours with no luck. Patience and perseverance are essential in Destiny 2, as they are in everything that relies on RNG.

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