Destiny 2 Best Stasis Fragments - Titan, Warlock, Hunter and More

Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s biggest fascination right now is the Stasis subclass. It is the first new element introduced to the game since it released. Here’s everything you need to know about the Best Stasis Fragments in Destiny 2.

All known best stasis fragments in Destiny 2 – Best Stasis Aspects

  • [Titan Aspect] Tectonic Harvest
  • [Warlock Aspect] Frostpulse
  • [Warlock Aspect] Iceflare Bolts
  • [Hunter Aspect] Shatterdive
  • [Hunter Aspect] “Slow Dodge”
  • Whisper of Durance
  • Whisper of Bonds
  • Whisper of Hedrons
  • Whisper of Fissures

[Titan Aspect] Tectonic Harvest

Tectonic Harvest stasis crystals generate Stasis shards. Any subclass can collect it. If you collect a shard, you gain melee energy.

[Warlock Aspect] Frostpulse

With Frostpulse, if you cast your Rift, it freezes nearby combatants in PvE.

[Warlock Aspect] Iceflare Bolts

With Iceflare Bolts you can shatter frozen enemies, which grants you grenade energy and spawns a seeker that freezes nearby targets.

[Hunter Aspect] Shatterdive

Hold to descend to the ground which shatters nearby enemies.

[Hunter Aspect] “Slow Dodge”

If you dodge with it, it will slow down your nearby enemies.

Whisper of Durance

Slow effects last longer. +10 Strength.

Whisper of Bonds

When you defeat Frozen targets with weapons, it will grant you super energy. -10 Discipline and -10 Intellect.

Whisper of Hedrons

You’ll gain bonus weapon damage after freezing a target. -10 Strength.

Whisper of Fissures

Increases size and damage of Stasis bursts from defeating frozen targets or destroying crystals (like the Icewall Grenade).

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