The CAT error number means that the version of the game you’re trying to launch isn’t the same as the game’s current server build. This can happen if you try to play the game without first updating it to the most recent build. When you first start the game, it usually auto-updates to the most recent version. The CAT error message will appear if you try to open the game before the upgrade has finished.

CAT Error Code Fix

Screengrab Courtesy of TheDroidGuy via Youtube

One of two possibilities can transpire when participants get an error warning that hinders them from starting a live service game. The issue is commonly enigmatic and challenging to address, and the only alternative is to wait for the developer to fix it.

Simply close the game and wait for the update to finish to correct the CAT error code and launch D2. If D2 still won’t launch, it’s conceivable that the servers are down for maintenance; in that case, the best (and only) option is to wait until they’re back online.

How to Update on Different Platforms


  • Switch on the PlayStation 4 console.
  • Sign in to the PSN profile you want to use.
  • Navigate to the Notifications menu by pressing up on the D-pad.
  • Choose Downloads from the drop-down menu.
  • The update will begin after you click the Destiny Update File icon.


  • Click the “My Collection” icon in the top left of the Xbox PC interface, then “Manage Installs” in the top right. The update can be found there.
  • To discover the most recent updates, go to Steam’s downloads area.
  • Restart Steam if you don’t see it there.

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