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Bungie continues to add new and exciting exotic weaponry for Guardians to acquire in Destiny 2, allowing the game to grow and adapt for players. The Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle, for example, can decimate groups of opponents with its lightning-infused bonuses and exotic perks. This guide will help anyone looking for information on how to gain Cloudstrike in Destiny 2. It now contains information on what Cloudstrike does as well as its overall stats.

Cloudstrike Stats

  • The Cloudstrike is a unique Exotic Sniper Rifle that comes with the Mortal Polarity boost, which causes a destructive lightning strike to fall to the ground if a player delivers a precise finishing blow.
  • The bolt will strike whatever caused the final blow, and owing to the Stormbringer bonus, players who manage to chain consecutive precision shots can even summon a lightning storm.
  • This transforms the Cloudstrike into a lethal Sniper Rifle capable of inflicting AoE damage on nearby units if players maintain accuracy and score a large number of precision shots and final blows.
Impact 55
Range 64
Stability 54
Handling 51
Magazine 7
Reload Speed 46

Cloudstrike’s stats indicate that it is a mid-range Sniper capable of firing 7 bullets in a row before needing to reload. The introduction of the lightning strike and storm mechanics balances out the reduced effect. Overall, it’s a good weapon for clearing foes in PvE, and it can cut through crowds quickly if players keep their accuracy up.

How to Get

  • To begin the Old Secrets, New Challenges task, speak with Variks. Thankfully, once you’ve picked the quest up, a mission objective will pop up to help Guardians.
  • Launch the mission by going to the location on the Beyond Light Europa map. The Exo Challenge will begin; simply follow through and complete this stage as you would any other task.
  • After that, look for the Exo Stranger and begin A Hard Rain Falls, a new mission. Players must kill foes or complete activities in Eclipse Zones on Europa in order to achieve this goal. Simply open the Europa Destination map to see which zones of the site are marked as “Eclipse.”
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Sabotage Quests

  • After completing both of these objectives, Variks will provide the final set of Sabotage quests. The Guardians must defeat Europan Explorers 1 and 2 in that sequence. The first one needs the use of a farming site in order to obtain kills with Kinetic, Energy, and Power weapons.
  • This shouldn’t take long, and once completed, gamers should return to Variks. In Empire Hunts, grab Europan Explorer 2 and prepare to find and defeat 30 opponents. Pick up these tasks from Variks and keep an eye out for foes with orange and yellow bar tiers. It may most certainly take some time, but you can exit these missions and return to them once you’ve completed the required goals.
  • Guardians will now be able to participate in Elective Difficulty Empire Hunts. Cloudstrike may drop here, but you’ll have to grind the tasks until it does. Remember that if you beat a harder version of the Hunt, the drop rate does not increase.
  • To make the tasks go faster, just take the easier ones. Playing in a fire team can help speed things up, but it’s all a matter of time. Now all that’s left is for gamers to figure out how to wield the sniper rifle, which fires a bolt of lightning at close foes.

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