The Dawning event in Destiny 2 introduces a variety of new things for players. New activities and new items have been introduced. While some of the items are new, some have been taken from previous seasons. Moreover, some items are purely cosmetic.

The Cosmic Sugar Cubes are one of the new consumables introduced, which players can collect. These cubes can be used to obtain better loot from Xur. The Starhorse can be used to convert items into better equipment and gear. Cosmic Sugar Cube item drops will be at a Power level higher than players’ current item levels. While it can be quite challenging to obtain Cosmic Sugar Cubes, they will be worth it.


  • The Dares of Eternity is a six-player event. It can be played in a group, or as a single player as well. Treasure Ogre is one of the enemies featured in this event.
  • They do not spawn often, and the loot they drop is very rare. When a player encounters a Treasure Ogre, they must defeat it. There is a chance that the items it drops will contain a Cosmic Sugar Cube.
  • Players can collect this item and take it to Xur and the Starhorse. Players will need to hand over the Cube to the Starhorse. Then, they will then receive “A Gift In Return.” This Gift will contain any number of items that may be powerful and, of course, useful.

  • Obtaining high Power loot without having to finish a quest or a series of activities is a very desirable thing. Therefore, Cosmic Sugar Cubes are very valuable indeed. Moreover, the Cubes also act as an incentive for players to participate in new events and activities.
  • This allows them to become stronger and more skilled in Destiny 2, while also rewarding them. Moreover, this is the first time something as covetable as the Cosmic Sugar Cubes have been included in the Dawning.

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