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The Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher weapon is another strong weapon coming to the game. After purchasing the Bungie 30th anniversary bundle and obtaining the Gjallarhorn weapon in the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, this weapon, and its Exotic Catalyst become accessible.

Unlocking this specific catalyst, however, is a difficult procedure. Fans will need to return inside after completing the dungeon to fight the Reaver Vandals and open some loot. So, if you’re seeking to fast upgrade your formidable rocket launcher in Destiny 2, here’s how to gain the Exotic Catalyst.

Gjallarhorn Catalyst Guide

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First Exotic Catalyst Chest

  • The first chest is located near the crystal bridge, where players cross it. The Reaver Vandal should appear in the top right corner, and players must only attack the Reaver until they receive the “Burden by Riches” debuff.
  • Players will only have roughly 30 seconds to return to the start of the bridge and unlock the chest at the top of the metal grating once that is obtained.

Second Exotic Catalyst Chest

  • Following a long red-lit stairwell with a falling rock trap, the second chest can be found. Continue along the corridor until you come upon a second Reaver Vandal hiding behind some boxes.
  • Jump up those boxes to the opening in the ceiling air duct after players have received the debuff. Continue turning right until you reach a new, larger room. To open the second chest, hop ahead onto the platform and then to the right-hand platform.
Third Exotic Catalyst Chest


  • After fans have completed the Fallen Shield scenario, they can open the third chest. Aim the cannon at the purple-covered dome-shaped buildings adjacent to the tiny waterfall with purple coverings. The third Reaver Vandal will be near the back cave wall, near the dome building.
  • Once players have received the debuff, they should use any mobile Destiny 2 skill they have to rapidly return to the canon. The chest will be on top of the dome-shaped building in the dungeon’s center, on the roof.
  • If players followed the instructions correctly, this chest should contain the Exotic Catalyst for the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher from Destiny 2.

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