Destiny 2: Grandmaster Nightfalls Guide

Grandmaster Nightfalls is currently the most difficult form of PVE in Destiny 2. Going in blind will almost always result in failure. Also requires players to have reached the light level of 1345, which can be a bit of a slog to achieve. It just goes to show how difficult these strikes are.

Grandmaster Nightfalls

Raids, solo lost sectors, and GN are all examples of challenging PVE gameplay in Destiny 2. The latter is ideal for farming powerful Adept weapons in rotation, such as the Palindrome, PLUG.ONE 1, and the Uzume R44, among others.

Increase Sustain By Using The Correct Subclasses

  • Players must select a subclass in order to have a successful Nightfall adventure.
  • For Hunters, this may mean the Nightstalker Void-subclass for invisibility, as well as Omnioculus and Shadowshot. Or the Revenant Stasis-subclass for stunning and clearing adds from the bottom tree.
  • Titans can choose the Sentinel top or middle tree Void-subclass for increased damage and defense from Ward of Dawn or Sentinel Shield.
  • Warlocks almost always select the Dawnblade Solar-subclass from the middle tree, which offers them Well of Radiance, the game’s best Super for durability, healing, and damage boost.
  • With the exception of weapon selection, these subclasses will always be fantastic regardless of the Nightfall terrain.
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With the use of blinding grenades, you can buy time

Players can use Blinding Grenades to temporarily stun adds in addition to clearing them. This is especially beneficial when dealing with massive hordes of foes or even champions when players desperately need to buy some time. If there is no Hunter with an Omnioculus construct, fireteams can use them to skip certain phases of the strike.

Going to the H.E.L.M. and focusing an umbral engram at the Prismatic Recaster is one of the best methods to gain a main Grenade Launcher with Blinding Grenades as a perk.

Have someone on standby in case of an emergency

Add-clear is one of the key concerns players will have to worry about in strikes with a lot of unskippable segments. Even regular adds can easily kill players, so at least one or two players should have something in their loadout that aids in removing adds.

The Lorentz Driver with the catalyst (it’s considerably more unreliable without the catalyst), Ticuu’s Divination, and Witherhoard are a few good examples. The Lorentz Driver is a Season 15 Exotic weapon that players should unlock as soon as feasible. While Ticuu’s Divination and Witherhoard can be purchased from Xur at the Monument to Lost Lights with an Exotic cipher.

Special Ammo Finishers and Ammo Finding Mods

  • When it comes to supplies, ammo will be scarce in these Nightfalls. If players are continuously out of ammo, there is usually a variable for the strike that specifies that ammo drops are more sparse. This can make scoring champion kills a genuine pain.
  • The answer is straightforward. For players that rely on heavy ammo as their primary source of champion damage, modifications like ammo scavenger and locator mods are essential. The Ammo Finisher mod can also be used to finish off foes in order to generate special ammo for themselves and their friends.

Damage Focus

  • Unlike conventional strikes when players may get away with doing whatever they want, necessitates a lot of concentration fire. Champions are highly powerful, and killing them will be nearly impossible if everyone is focused on the same target at the same time. In addition to wasting heavy and special munitions, failing to kill a champion after it has been stunned consumes resources.
  • It might be beneficial for the player in charge of stunning specific champions to call out who they should focus on. And wait for the rest of the squad to be ready to shoot. The fireteam saves time and money in this manner, which are critical components of Grandmaster Nightfalls’ survival.

Protective Armor Mods

  • Enemies in these Nightfalls will do significantly more damage than usual, so expect to die. GN has a limited number of revives, and if all players die, they are returned to orbit. This indicates that in order to live for a long time, you must be able to sustain yourself.
  • Modifications like Protective Light, Concussive Dampener, and elemental resistance are crucial. There’s no excuse for players not to fully equip their armors before entering the strike now that armor mod swaps are also free and don’t cost Glimmer.

Skip the Parts That Aren’t Necessary

  • The Platinum score, which ensures maximum treasure at the end of the strike, is the most crucial aspect of a Grandmaster Nightfall. The players must kill all champions in order to obtain this.
  • To save time, players should strive to skip any sections where only ordinary adds spawn. Because darkness begins to approach after a certain amount of time, players will be penalized for taking too long to execute the strike. A Void Hunter build using the Omnioculus Exotic chest item is the best way to skip parts.

Obtain The Most Effective Weapons For Champions

  • The quantity of champions defines them. There are two types of champions in each Nightfall, as well as a variety of elemental shield-wielding opponents. Players must prepare weapons with Overload, Barrier, or Unstoppable upgrades, as well as Void, Arc, and Solar weaponry.
  • Some weapons have the power to stun specific champions by default. If there are no decent Auto Rifles for players to utilize, both the Arbalest and Eriana’s Vow are fantastic for Barrier champions. The Divinity is a go-to for stunning Overload champions, and it’s a superior choice than a bow for boss damage.

Particle Deconstruction

  • It’s a bad idea to attempt a Grandmaster Nightfall without first unlocking the Particle Deconstruction mod from the seasonal artifact. This mod is crucial and defines the Destiny 2 Season 15 meta.
  • To use it on an enemy, players must fire numerous bullets into it. This will cause it to glow and emit a dark cloud above its head. Fusion Rifles are the ideal tool for activating Particle Deconstruction. It is because they shoot several rounds at once and activate the whole stack of damage boost at once. Whereas Linear Fusions require multiple shots to obtain the maximum stack of damage boost.

Each Nightfall Is Unique

  • This is a self-evident assertion, yet one that must be made. While several builds and tools are mainstream in PVE, fantastic weapons such as the Vex or One Thousand Voices may not be the best choice for every Grandmaster Nightfall.
  • Some strikes may force players to clear additional adds. Others will include cheese tactics that allow players to just avoid the adds entirely. As a result, each Nightfall must be tackled with a fresh perspective. Players must be willing to try new methods and experiments, especially if they are having difficulty.

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