The Harbinger Mission in Destiny 2 is an exotic quest that rewards players with a Hawkmoon Exotic catalyst along with two Hawkmoon drops with random rolls upon completion of the challenges.

The Harbinger mission is similar to other exotic quests like Whisper of the Worm and Outbreak Perfected’s Zero Hour. The Harbinger mission is challenging and the game hardly offers much detail about activating the mission.

How to Start Harbinger Mission in Destiny 2? Harbinger Mission tips? What are the Harbinger missions Rewards? Here’s everything you need to know about Destiny 2’s Harbinger Mission.

How to Start Harbinger Mission in Destiny 2?

Before you begin with the Harbinger mission make sure you have obtained the Hawkmmon which requires players to get access to the Season of the Hunt. The Harbinger Mission is an iteration of the Bird of Prey quest and hence The Crow who is in the Tangled Shore [acks the mission and it can be found at the bottom of his vendor screen.

After picking up the Harbinger Mission procced to the Trostland fast travel point in EDZ. From this point go straight past the church to a building on the corner and then jump up to the second floor. You will now see a fireplace and with the hawkmoon equipped shoot the panel and it will reveal a path and the Harbinger mission gets activated.

Destiny 2 Harbinger Mission Tips

  • The Harbinger mission is very challenging hence the recommended power is 1270 which means you should have levelled up your artefact significantly.
  • The Harbinger mission has no time limit. Hence take your time through every step.
  • The Harbinger mission has no matchmaking and it is always recommended to pair up with other players to pack more firepower.


Destiny 2 Harbinger Mission Rewards

Upon completing the challenging mission players will earn the following rewards:

  • Additional Hawkmoons with random rolls (two for first completion)
  • Earning the Hawkmoon Catalyst
  • Collecting Feathers of Light (from boss completions and collectables during the mission) to progress the Bird of Prey quest and earn Exotic ship Radiant Accipiter