Destiny 2: How To Get Riiswalker Shotgun + Rolls

Riiswalker is a Shotgun with kinetic damage and a lightweight frame archetype acquired from the Iron Banner. It has a short range but a better rate of fire compared to a number of other weapons. Its lightweight frame provides excellent handling and increases movement speed when carried.

Riiswalker is showing to be a notably effective firearm in the Crucible and even PvE, thanks to a diverse set of benefits. Gamers should use it in conjunction with a decent mid-range energy weapon, like the new Gridskipper Pulse Rifle, and play boldly in order to get in the faces of opponent Guardians.

How To Get?

  • Season of the Splicer Iron Banner quest
  • Iron Banner Engrams
  • Iron Banner Bounties

After completing the third section of the Iron Banner mission, “Adversarial Relations,” all gamers are given a Riiswalker. Iron Banner Engrams, which are provided by Lord Saladin when gamers cash in 20 Iron Banner tokens, also have an opportunity of acquiring Riiswalker.

Lastly, throughout every event, Lord Saladin gives out 4 Iron Banner bounties. There’s a slim possibility of receiving a high-level Riiswalker if you complete all of them.

Riiswalker Rolls

The fast handling and mobility of this Shotgun are undeniable advantages, but its range is a major flaw that can be alleviated with the right perks. In any case, several of the perks are difficult to get wrong, so gamers should experiment with whatever rolls they have.

Aggressive Rushing (PVP) Full Choke
Accurized Rounds
Iron Reach
Range Masterwork
Point-Blank Backup (PVP) Full Choke / Barrel Shroud
Light Mag
Killing Wind
Handling Masterwork
Close-Range DMG Dealer (PVE) Smallbore
Assault Mag
Swashbuckler / Vorpal Weapon
Reload Masterwork

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