Destiny 2: Lift Baby Fallen Like Simba Guide

The latest act introduced to Destiny 2 allows gamers to lift a baby Fallen visible all around. This is much like Simba did at the beginning of Disney’s The Lion King! Bungie’s free-to-play game previously received the “Solstice of Heroes” update, marking the start of the 4th year for this mid-summer in-game event. This year’s Solstice of Heroes summer event will last until August 3rd.

Bungie’s Engineers have taken steps to resolve a number of Destiny 2 balancing issues as well as kick off the 2021 Solstice of Heroes. There are also a few other hidden interactivity gems scattered throughout the update, such as another act out that is reminiscent of a Disney classic from the 1990s.

Eliksni Hatchling Emote

  • The Eliksni Hatchling act is now available in Patch 3.2.1, which pays homage to The Lion King’s first incident. The Fallen refers to itself as Elise in the Destiny world, so an Eliksni Hatchling is exactly what it appears to be.
  • During the endnotes of “Circle of Life,” Rafiki holds up Simba on top of Pride Rock, allowing the gamer to hold one of these infants Fallen high above their head. Any gamer in need of 1,000 silver, Destiny 2’s in-game currency, will be charged for this performance. For $9.99, you can get 1,100 silver from a stage store.

The main focus of Destiny 2’s annual summer event is to provide gamers with the opportunity to acquire and work on outstanding reinforcement and firearm sets through in-game activities, but Patch 3.2.1 includes more than that.

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