Destiny 2: PVE Warlock Build Guide

Warlocks have some of the most powerful options of any class. Exotics and Great Subclasses provide for formidable build combinations that can be further enhanced with certain weapons or seasonal upgrades.

Warlock Build

Both PVP and PVE received a lot of adjustments in the 30th-anniversary update. Many weapons, exotic equipment, and abilities have been revamped. Stasis was heavily nerfed for PVP, and for good cause, yet it still comes in handy while clearing in PVE.

Bungie’s most significant modification in Destiny 2 was to give each ability its own unique cooldown timer in PVE and to reduce the cooldown of select Supers in PVP. Supers’ charge rates, on the other hand, will mostly remain unchanged for exclusively PVE content.

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These builds have been somewhat changed in light of these changes, and the previously overlooked Dawnblade build, which is best for most end-game PVE Destiny 2 content, has been brought in as well.

Voidwalker Build

Since the introduction of Beyond Light, the majority of the Destiny community has misjudged the usefulness of the original trees, and it’s no surprise that it’s one of the least used classes in PVE in general. It’s no surprise, then, that when Witch Queen arrives in 2022, Bungie intends to bring Void into the era of new sub-classes.

Regardless, the Voidwalker subtype can still compete in PVE. To begin, players should use the Vortex grenade, which is by far the best void grenade. In addition, warlocks should use both healing rifts and burst glides. Guardians will, of course, be healed by the healing rift. Burst glide is recommended because it allows players to use the skating technique while in the air.

Attunement Of Chaos

The top tree warlock stands out because of Chaos Accelerant’s effects. The perk lets players overcharge the vortex grenade, increasing its damage output. Entropic Pull recharges the warlock’s grenade after each melee attack. When the two skills are merged, players will have an endless supply of powerful explosives at their disposal.

In any high-difficulty quest, the grenade-centric build will destroy bosses and majors. While the supercharged vortex grenade is still doing damage.

Mods & Gear

Players should prioritize intellect, discipline, and recovery while choosing mods for their builds. The orbs of power required to activate the super will be reduced by intellect, and the cooldown of grenades will be reduced by discipline. Because of how quickly Voidwalkers’ grenade ability recharges, recovery should definitely take precedence over discipline for all classes.

The Contraverse Hold gauntlets should be worn by guardians to improve the class. While charging the void grenade with Chaos Accelerant, the Warlock will be protected by the exotic gauntlets. With each grenade damage tick, the gauntlets will return more damage. All of the skills in the build work together to provide players with an infinite supply of grenades to use against bosses in difficult PVE activities.

Dawnblade Build

In Destiny 2, a Dawnblade warlock is the best build for heavy PVE content. Solar on the top tree gives warlocks incredible movement speed possibilities, while Daybreak on the bottom tree is simply a wonderful overall add-clearing build. The middle tree, of course, is the icing on the cake.

It may not be the most thrilling choice for players who only want to deal damage, but it is by far the finest way to support the fire team and push through some of the most difficult PVE encounters.

Attunement Of Grace

Because of how it pairs with various exotic armor components and can aid support the rest of the fireteam, the Well of Radiance is by far the greatest Super for hardcore PVE content. Anyone standing in the Well gains 49 percent damage resistance and a 25% damage bonus.

This means Well is ideal for boss damage stages in any raid, Nightfall, or dungeon where high damage and long-term sustain are required. Players can also use their grenade to sprinkle Divine Protection on their friends, giving them a weak shield.

Melee strikes in the middle tree also benefit teammates by granting them the Empowered bonus for 6 seconds while simultaneously burning opponents touched by it. The cooldowns of a warlock’s abilities will be reduced every time they heal or strengthen their comrades in this tree.

Mods & Gear

This build’s focus should be on discipline, recovery and/or resilience, and intellect. It isn’t particularly tough to charge, but having a higher Intellect will undoubtedly assist. Discipline, on the other hand, will be required to get frequent grenade spam and, if necessary, to spam Divine Protection on teammates.

Players can select from a variety of exotic components. The Lunafaction Boots are ideal for Well, as they offer a reload speed boost to anyone standing in a healing rift or well while empowering rifts to grant improved range. The Stag increases damage reduction from both the Well and rifts and their rift cooldown is restored if they are critically injured, allowing them to repeat it. Finally, the Phoenix Protocol allows players to charge their Super while their Well is still active by scoring kills, thereby giving them endless Wells.

Shadebinder Build

Stasis subclasses remain among Destiny 2’s finest PVE classes. Because the Shadebinder subclass for warlocks is so excellent, players don’t need to worry about exotics or modifiers. The coldsnap grenade, which freezes foes in a large radius, should be used by Guardians. If there are numerous adversaries in close proximity to the grenade, it will chain all enemies in that general area.

Before attempting to spec the build, players should complete the tasks and challenges to unlock the facets and shards. For each enemy destroyed while frozen, the stasis shard Whisper of Hedrons will grant a 25% damage boost. The aspects and shards will also grant players infinite rifts and increased power orb drops.

When it comes to freezing and killing foes, the Warlock stasis class is the most powerful. In addition to the Coldsnap grenade, gamers can utilize the Penumbral blast, which generates a bubble that freezes foes inside its radius. To keep the frozen damage buff alive, Guardians can alternate between utilizing coldsnap and Penumbral blast. After smashing an adversary with the Iceflare Bolt, additional seekers will spawn to freeze targets. Similarly, if a Warlock casts a rift, the Frostpulse aspect will freeze nearby enemies.

Stasis Fragments

Whisper of Fissures When a stasis crystal or frozen target is destroyed, the damage and size of the burst of stasis are increased.
Whisper of Refraction Class ability energy is gained by defeating slowed or frozen foes.
Whisper of Hedrons
After freezing a foe with stasis, gain a boost to weapon damage.
Whisper of Bonds
Super energy is gained by defeating frozen enemies with weapons.
Each piece will aid players in dealing with more stasis damage, recharging their super, and recharging their abilities. Because of the large number of adversaries that will be frozen and slain, each of the above benefits will be active for the duration of an activity. Each of the powers will stack, allowing gamers to complete even the most challenging raids by just pulling the trigger on frozen opponents.

Stormcaller Build

Stormcaller is one of the most powerful DPS subclasses in the game. This is one of the better warlocks builds for PVE, even though it isn’t the most popular right now. Beyond Light has undergone various upgrades that have made it an excellent alternative for warlocks.

Salvager’s Salvo

Because it is a ritual weapon this season, Salvager’s Salvo will be the special weapon of choice for the class. As a result, the launcher will have an additional mod spot for players. When the guardian has super active, the grenade launcher with Vorpal Weapon does extra damage against yellow bars and bosses.

To keep their super bar as high as possible, players should equip Demolitionist and Chain Reaction. Each deceased foe gets blown up by Demolitionist, resulting in a large number of AOE bubbles. For yellow foes and bosses when the super bar isn’t full, combine the grenade launcher with a kinetic primary and heavy weapon.

Mods & Gear

Ashes To Assets Killing with grenades gives you additional super energy.
Blast Radius Using launchers to defeat foes charges the guardian with light.
Energy Converter
Using grenades while charged with light offers super energy.
Allows more Charged With Light stacks.
Stacks On Stacks
Each time the guardian is charged with light, you gain another stack.

Using the mods and the grenade launcher, players will be able to stockpile light charges in a couple of seconds. With Energy Converter, Warlocks can gain roughly one-third of their super energy with a single grenade throw. This means that after two or three grenades, guardians will be able to deploy their super. Players can shoot grenades, pop the super, and repeat the procedure with the Salvo. The meter will fill significantly faster if you use a kinetic weapon with Thresh while the grenades are charging back up.

The Geomag Stabilizers will top off the super bar when it reaches 80 percent, allowing Warlocks to use Chaos Reach. The exotic leg armor makes Chaos Reach last longer while dealing damage while the super is active. This exotic is ridiculous when compared to yellow bars and bosses. Stormcallers will be able to utilize their super much more frequently and for two times as long if they use the charged with a light approach. As a result, opponents in PVE are decimated in a continuous cycle of DPS.

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