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Destiny 2 has a weekly reset system that you need to understand to make the most out of your experience. Many activities in the game have this weekly cap, meaning you only get to do them once a week. The reset refreshes progress, so you get complete rewards with another run.

Once the reset happens, you can do them once more. It helps with progression by rewarding high-tier items and is a way to level faster.

The Reset Timer

The weekly reset for Destiny 2 occurs on Tuesday. It is a set time, so you only need to match your clock through conversion. They are:

  • 9 AM PST (West Coast)
  • Noon EST (East Coast)

What Resets?

Numerous parts of the game reset on Tuesday. Here’s a list:

  • Dungeons (and rewards)
  • Hawthorne in the Tower (clan engram)
  • Dark Monastery
  • Eclipsed Zone, Empire Hunt, and Exo Challenge (Europa activities)
  • The Wanted Bounty
  • Raids (with rewards)
  • Nightfall Strike
  • Eververse inventory (purchasable)
Image Courtesy of Bungie

Making the Most Out of the Weekly Reset

Now you have a list of what resets, make sure you do most of them before Tuesday. Doing that will allow you to maximize your progress each week. It will be essential now with the release of The Witch Queen to introduce new content.

If you ever complete the content but fail to claim them before the reset, you will not lose them. It will auto decrypt during your next login, and you’ll receive your rewards in full.

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