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It’s common advice for new Diablo 2: Resurrected players to employ the Spirit Runeword as soon as possible. This is due to the fact that it has some of the easiest Runes to gain throughout the early stages of character development. It’s also a wonderful choice for caster builds in the late game.

Spirit Runeword

  • +2 To All Skills
  • +25-35% Faster Cast Rate
  • +55% Faster Hit Recovery
  • +250 Defense Against Missiles
  • +22 Vitality
  • +89-112 To Mana
  • +3-8 Magic Absorb
  • +35% Cold, Lightning & Poison Resist
  • +14 Damage To Attackers
  • +3-8 Absorb Magic

How To Get:

Screengrab Courtesy of Old School Game Snob via Youtube

Players must obtain a Tal, Thul, Ort, and Amn Rune and then enter them into a 4-socket piece of equipment while their character is Level 25 or higher to create the Spirit Runeword. Spirit is used after discovering a 4-socket Spirit Shield in Diablo 2: Resurrected, while the Spirit Sword is useful for some early builds. A shield with the requisite sockets may only be obtained on Hell difficulty unless you are playing as a Paladin.


The Tal Rune

  • Tal is one of the most common Runes in Diablo 2, and if players haven’t been selling Runes, they’ll almost likely have one before the end of a Normal playthrough. A Tal Rune may be found easily by making Countess runs if they have been sold.
  • This requires visiting the Black Marsh in Act 1 and finding the Forgotten Tower’s entrance. On the fifth level, you will find the Countess. While playing on any difficulty, she can drop Tal after defeating her.

The Thul Rune

  • Thul, unlike Tal, can only be obtained by beating the Countess on the Nightmare or Hell difficulties.
  • This does not mean that players must wait until Nightmare to obtain a Thul Rune, as it may be obtained by utilizing the Horadric Cube to transmute three Ort Runes into a Thul Rune.

The Ort Rune

  • The Ort Rune may only be obtained on the Nightmare or Hell difficulty levels. You can produce it by using the Horadric Cube to transmute three Ral Runes.
  • Ral may simply abandon Countess runs of any difficulty level. Additionally, finishing the Act 5 quest ‘Rescue on Mount Arreat’ will give 1 Ral, Ort, and Tal Rune; prepare to fight very unusual enemies in that area.

The Amn Rune

  • In Diablo 2, fighting the Countess on Nightmare or Hell difficulties will grant you the Amn Rune.
  • It can also be constructed in the Horadric Cube, but it will take a long time because it requires three Thul Runes and each Thul Rune requires three Ort Runes. Each Ort Rune requires three Ral Runes, as stated above.
  • It’s a time-consuming operation, so unless players have a lot of spare Runes, they may want to save time by doing Countess runs on Nightmare.

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