Diablo Immortal: All Factions Explained

In this article, we’ll go through all of the Factions in Diablo Immortal so you can decide which one is right for you. Feel free to leave a comment down below on which faction you chose and why. Enjoy!

Diablo Immortal is packed with social elements. You would not only work together to defeat the enemies, but you can also organize and join clans. Factions are another addition to Diablo Immortal’s list of features.

Diablo Immortal: All Factions Explained

Adventurers, Shadows, and Immortals are the three factions available in this new game. Each organization has its own communication routes, perks, and, most crucially, membership standards. There are different types of factions, and some are easier to join than others.

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Unlike previous Diablo games, Diablo Immortal will place a significant emphasis on the Battlegrounds mode. The Faction structure in the game is driven by this PvP mode, and it is the primary source of conflict among the greatest Factions.


By default, when you start Diablo Immortal and rank up, you’ll be an Adventurer. The first Faction is the Adventurers, who have less of an impact on the game than the other two Factions.

  • You’re an Adventurer as soon as you walk off the boat onto Wortham after establishing your character. You get access to weekly bounties as Adventurers, which allow you to slaughter high-priority targets for flashy rewards.
  • Adventurers, unlike the other two groups, do not receive large benefits.
  • Adventurers can advance to Shadows or Immortals. The Adventurers faction will likely satisfy anybody who prefers to log in every now and then to complete a few objectives.
  • Despite having little effect, Adventurers will be the largest Faction in the game. There are still some rewards to be had, but they are largely bounties and gold.


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There will be a procedure if you desire to quit the Adventurers and join the Shadows.

  • You can begin by joining the Shadows lottery and hoping for a chance to join the Faction at random. You’ll need an invite from someone in the Shadows otherwise.
  • This Faction has no limit on the number of players it can have. The Shadows’ mission is to build a formidable force capable of defeating the Immortals Faction.


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Immortals are the game’s most powerful players, and when they lose in the Cycle of Strife, the top ten Dark Clans take over.

  • The Dark Clans’ most powerful commander becomes the Immortal.
  • Shadows are the underdogs in Diablo Immortals PvP, whereas Immortals are the best. They are the game’s most powerful players and getting there is no simple chore.
  • The Rite of Exile is the sole path to becoming an Immortal. To become an Immortal, you must be level 43, have finished the Bilefen questline, and have discovered the Timeworn Scroll in the Ancient Arena.

The Immortals’ job is to keep the Shadows at bay and maintain dominance. However, the Shadows will become stronger with each passing week, and the squads can always vary.


  • The Cycle of Strife is the name given to this ongoing PvP war in Diablo.
  • The top ten Dark Clans in the Shadows will face off against the Immortals every week. All teams will compete in separate 8v8 matches at the same time in this clash.
  • The team that wins the majority of the games is the winner.

After becoming a Shadow, you can either form or join a Dark Clan and then compete with other clans to progress through the ranks. Path of Blood and Raid the Vault are two events that help with this. When the Rite of Exile begins, the top ten clans can form teams to compete in 8v8 fights against the greatest Immortal clans.

If the Shadows win more than half of their matches, the Rite of Exile shifts to the Challenge of the Immortal, which transforms one Immortal into a huge raid boss.

If the Immortals win, the present batch of Immortals keeps their positions; if the Shadows prevail, the Dark Clans who won during the Rite of Exile replace the Immortal clans who lost, provided the Shadows also complete the A True Immortal questline.

***Freshly crowned Immortals can invite two friendly Dark Clans to join them in the Immortals’ Hall. 

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