We’ll go over the best Diablo Immortal Necromancer Legendary Items as well as their stats in this article. Please leave a comment below with your thoughts; we’d love to hear from you. Enjoy!

Legendary Items are very scarce items with unique Legendary Powers in Diablo Immortal. These abilities strengthen a certain class ability, allowing for more build options and increasing build diversity. By completing various types of content, you can find and farm Legendaries all across Sanctuary.

Diablo Immortal: Necromancer Legendary Items

This article covers Necromancer Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal. Legendary Items are high-level equipment options for each class’s six primary weapon slots that provide special abilities.

We’ll recommend the greatest Legendary powers for the Necromancer in this guide. For each of the six slots, we present a list of Necromancer Legendary Powers.


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    • The Bone Spear’s primary attack gains damage over time poison effect when this weapon’s essence power is used.
    • You may wish to use Blight Maw if you’re having trouble in higher Challenge Rifts levels for the extra damage you need against ranged opponents, groups, or bosses. ***Repeating a poison DoT on a single raid boss might be an effective strategy.
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    • The Skeletal Mage is transformed into a Grim Reaper that slashes large groups of opponents with a scythe and lastly, delivers massive damage. For Path of Blood and Challenge Rifts, it’s an excellent pick.
    • Lastly, Welcome End excels at slashing at groups of players in PvP.
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    • Skeletal Warriors are transformed into Skeletal Archers. In Path of Blood and Challenge Rifts, it’s a good choice to reach ranged foes, but it’s even better in PvP to slay opponents that use their movement speed skills to avoid death.
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    • Lone Preserver delivers a Freeze to foes as a modifier to Corpse Explosion in the Chain Reaction, which works nicely with the Legendary Gems Chained Death and Pain of Subjugation.
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    • In PvP, the essence power converts the Bone Wall into a pillar of decaying corpses that rises from the ground and knocks enemy players into the air, but it also emits a pool of acid that slows anyone caught inside its radius.
    • Excellent for crowd control.
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    • Dark Curse now causes foes to explode when they die rather than reducing enemy vision.


  • The Essence Transfer vendor can also transfer legendary powers from one Legendary item to another. This allows you to transfer a desired Legendary Power from a weaker Legendary of the same type to a stronger Legendary of the same type.
  • A Legendary Weapon’s power can be transferred to another Legendary Weapon, but it cannot be transferred to a Legendary Chest.

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