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One of the quests in Diablo Immortal is the Lost Runes questline. To get further into the quest, players need to light all 9 lamps and solve the puzzle. In this guide, we will walk you through the Lost Runes lamps puzzle in Diablo Immortal.

How to light all 9 lamps in Diablo Immortal

The Lost Runes questline is part of the main story in Diablo Immortal. To complete the quest, you first need to find three Runes and place them at the base of the statue next to The Curator. The first Rune can be obtained northwest of the Grand Vestibule Waypoint.

But at this point, you will be given the task to solve the puzzle. And to solve the puzzle, you have to light all 9 lamps.

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When you first light a lamp, it immediately shoots out four fireballs. Then, these fireballs will either light other lamps or extinguish them (if they’re already lit). So to successfully light all 9 lamps, you need to follow a specific order. Otherwise, you’ll just keep lighting up lamps and fail to solve the puzzle.

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Before starting this puzzle, you need to keep in mind that all lamps must not be lit. So first make sure that no lamp is burning. Then, you can start lighting up the lamps.

The correct order in lighting all the lamps for this quest is as follows:

  • First, light the four lamps in each corner
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  • Afterwards, you can now light the lamp located in the middle
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If you successfully light up all lamps, you can now retrieve the first Rune. Bring the Rune back to The Curator and place it at the base of the statue. Then, you can push on to retrieve the other Runes.

Screengrab Courtesy of Gamers Heroes via YouTube
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Retrieve the remaining Runes to finish the Lost Runes quest

Getting the second Rune is easy. All you have to do is kill Grimaldi the Flaming Soul to obtain it.

And for the third and last Rune, you will be solving a mirror puzzle. From The Curator, make your way to the east until you come across a mirror. After stepping through it, you will be inside a room with mirrors all around you. Moreover, there will be a beam of light. To start the mirror puzzle, interact with the Rune found at the top of the room.

Here are the steps to solve the mirror puzzle in Diablo Immortal:

  • Make your way over to the mirror below the Rune and push it down once.
    • This mirror should not be the one reflecting the beam of light
  • Once the light is bouncing off of the mirror you just moved, look for the mirror located at the very left of the room. Push it down twice and make sure the light is bouncing off of it
  • Finally, you can now move the mirror beside the one you just moved. Push it left twice and get ready to fight off some enemies that will appear
Screengrab Courtesy of Sprout via YouTube
  • Once you defeat all the enemies, you can now pick up the third Rune
Screengrab Courtesy of Sprout via YouTube

Finishing the Lost Runes quest

After you get all three Runes, go back to The Curator and place the final Rune at its base. You can now venture deeper into the Library of Zoltun Kulle.

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