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Diablo Immortal is one of the latest games this year, 2022, and fans have created accounts as soon as they installed the game which caused some of their friends who registered just recently to join different servers. In this article, we will guide you on how to transfer to other servers so you may now play with your friends via multiplayer mode. Enjoy!

Diablo Immortal: Server Transfer

In Diablo Immortal, switching servers is relatively straightforward. After you initially load the game, go to the main menu and tap the name of the server you’ll be joining to get a complete list of servers you can join.

Then you simply select the one you want and play the game as usual. However, whether or not you can transfer your progress and characters is a different story, and we’ll go over all that in Diablo Immortal in more detail below. And if we missed anything by chance, feel free to comment it down below. We’d love to hear your thoughts and help other players as well.

Server Transfer – Can You Keep your Character?

There is no way to switch Diablo Immortal servers while keeping your character and progress. Unfortunately, characters in Diablo Immortal are now bound to their original servers, which means that any progress you make is only visible on that server. Transferring to a different server is much the same as beginning a new game from scratch.

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Any character you create is bound to the server on which it was created, and attempting to use the Diablo Immortal server transfer system will prompt you to create a new character on your newly selected server. You will not lose your characters if you use the Diablo Immortal server transfer; they will remain in the same server you left them.

No Crossplay Between Servers

This feature would probably be in the upcoming patches, and if not, well, we suggest you start creating a new account while you have not invested much time and effort into your character. 

Because there is no crossplay between servers, one of you and your friends will have to switch servers and restart your progress.

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The best thing you can do is choose a server that has a good latency and connection relative to you from the start before you’ve even selected one of the initial Diablo Immortal professions, and tell all of your friends so that you may all play on the same world. Only coop play and connection troubles remain as reasons to switch servers.

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