Does Star Wars Squadrons Support Cross Platform Play? PS4 / Xbox / PC

Star Wars Squadrons Cross Platform Play

Star Wars Squadrons is finally out and you can dive back into the world of Star Wars video games once again. The question remains, does Star Wars Squadrons support cross platform play? Meaning, can you play the game with your friends who have it on different consoles?

Star Wars Squadrons Cross-Play / Cross-Platform?

The answer is YES. Star Wars Squadrons supports cross platform play. So players on PC, PS4, and Xbox One can play the game together seamlessly. This means, if your friends have the game on a different platform, you all can still enjoy the experience together.

Cross platform play is extremely beneficial to gamers and is slowly becoming a standard for multiplayer games. With more platform diversity coming in, cross platform play in video games would ensure players are having a seamless experience across platforms.

In Star Wars Squadrons, a total of five people an team up to play against AI (PvE) or other players (PvP). You’ll complete challenges, gather together, and board your capital ships before starting any mission.

Will PC players have an advantage?

PC players are always at an advantage due to the use of a keyboard and a mouse compared to a controller. This, however, shouldn’t be an issue when you’re playing against AI. On PvP matchmaking, however, it’s a little complicated. PS4 players might get matched against PC players, although, we don’t really know how the matchmaking in the game works so far. Once there’s more information on this, we’ll let you know.

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