DotA 2: All You Need to Know about the New Hero, Primal Beast

DotA 2 (Defense of The Ancients) had just released their newest patch, 7.31. With lots and lots of huge updates, the most notable one is the release of the newest hero, PRIMAL BEAST.

Primal Beast is another strength-based hero that has no definitive position yet. His position and item-builds, or shall we say META, are yet to be created by the DotA 2 community. But, just days after its release, it can almost be classified as a DISABLER and an INITIATOR.

For starters, Primal Beast currently holds the title for the hero who has the most strength gains per level. It has a strength gain of 4.3. Centaur Warrunner previously held the title but was nerfed (from 4.6 to 4.0 strength gain). This hero is tough as nails that can harass an opponent during the laning stage.


Primal Beast has a decent starting base attack of 62 to 64, which can be a great asset during early team fights and creep scoring. But, it has a slow movement speed which is a liability during ganks and escaping during clashes.


As stated above, Primal Beast is great during the laning phase for it has a great advantage due to its high strength gain per level. Also, he has a base armor of 4.5, which is quite high. He can easily harass weaker opponents towards their tower while sustaining lots of damage.



This is a channeling skill that allows Primal Beast to charge in any direction. Enemies in his path will be knocked back and stunned. The longer the charge duration, the farther Primal Beast’s momentum will carry him. Though it is channeled, the ability can be canceled at any time.

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Trample is the beast’s ability to stomp everything on the ground (within 230 AOE) for 5.5 seconds. As devastating as the skill is, Primal Beast will be disarmed for the duration of the skill. Trample’s damage will adjust depending on the skill base damage plus a multiplier of Primal Beast’s base damage.

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Like a beast, it will become more aggressive when being attacked. This also goes with this skill. For every 35 damage received from opponents, he gets a stack of Uproar. Each stack gives bonus damage as well as bonus armor (varies each level). When you activate Uproar, you also activate all bonus damages and armors, as well as slowing enemies near it. To make it fair, the maximum stack is only 5.


The hero’s ultimate skill is a devastating grab and slam. It releases its inner rage as it grabs a hold of an opponent while also slamming it to the ground for 2.3 seconds. Every enemy within the 600 radius will also be mini-stunned.

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Purchasing an Aghanims Shard can add a new ability called ROCK THROW. As the name suggests, Primal Beast catapults a series of rocks toward a designated area that deals damage while stunning the enemies.

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To conclude, Primal Beast is yet to be defined as either a Carry, a Support, a Tank, or whatsoever. The item build suggestions are endless and it can be very versatile. But, judging solely by its skills and basic stats, Primal Beast is probably more of a Tank/Initiator that can sustain large amounts of damage. His abilities can also inflict huge damage to opponents and it can certainly easily ambush weaker ones during the early game.

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