DOTA 2: Nemestice Best Heroes

The Battlepass, Dota 2’s summer occasion, includes the Nemestice game mode, which features a brand new map and dynamics. This article will go over the heroes who are best suited for this game mode.


  • A massive meteorite crashes onto the map every 3 minutes. Nemestice Embers can be gained by harnessing these meteors.
  • The hero will gain extra mobility, attack damage, and spell enhancement as a result of the embers.
  • When a side captures a tower, their creeps will receive special buffs, including the addition of random jungle creeps to the wave.
  • The primary goal of the game mode is to capture enemy towers before the opposing team does so.

5 Best Heroes

Nature’s Prophet

  • In Nemestice, Nature’s Prophet is a vexing hero to engage with. In team fights, he can deal exorbitant amounts of harm and push towers with his generated treants and Greater Treants, rendering him a menace to deal with. His ability to teleport to any portion of the map at will is also a significant factor.

Arc Warden

  • One of the strongest heroes in this Nemestice game mode is Arc Warden, a rather powerful late-game fighter in Dota 2. He has the skill to remain in team fights and deal harm while also being able to easily power through towers.
  • Arc Warden’s ultimate, the Tempest Double, allows him to be in two places at once.


  • In this game mode, Zeus is a promising option because his spell amp allows him to deal massive damage to opponent heroes.
  • The Nemestice Ember provides 12 percent Spell Amplification for every ember and stacks with other items in the game that provide a spell amp, rendering him an exceptional hero for team fights in Dota 2’s latest game mode.

Templar Assassin

  • After gamers began to use their Aghanim Sceptor upgrade to transport to various lanes and become an effective pusher, Templar Assassin has become a very effective option for the Nemestice game mode.
  • Nemestice is all about capturing towers, and Templar Assassin could be an excellent choice in this regard.

Storm Spirit

  • Storm Spirit, a powerful laner in Dota 2’s standard game mode, is also a great option. For the latest game mode, Storm Spirit has a global presence on a fairly limited map.
  • In addition, the Nemestice ember gives 12 percent Spell Amp, enhancing Storm Spirit’s skill to overwhelm the map even more.

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