You’ll come across safes in Dying Light 2 rather frequently. Villedor is full of secrets, thus it’s necessary to know the crack safe codes. There appears to be no change in the code between save files, so we can share what we’ve uncovered so far and save you some time in the game. As a bonus, we’ve included a tip for those times when you don’t have a code to access any of the safes!

Villedor is full of hidden safes, therefore we haven’t found them all yet. Save this page if you find it useful during or after your playthrough of Dying Light 2, and we hope it will ultimately include all of the safe codes that are locked in the game.


Crack Safe Codes

Bazaar safe code
(in the church tower)
First Biomarker 9-7-3
Nightrunner’s Hideout 1-0-1
Treasure Hunt 3-21-67
Moonshine Quest 14-9-2
Downtown Bandit Camp 3-1-3
Broadcast Quest 3-1-4
St. Thomas Church 4-4-4
Crocodile Flats 11-11-19
New Dawn Park Office 10-28-64
VNC Tower 6-6-6
Screengrab Courtesy of FP Good Game via YouTube

How To Open A Safe (Without Codes)

  • Even if you don’t have the safe code ready, the game utilizes controller feedback to reveal the code, which is something we’re still on the lookout for.
  • It is best to turn the dial of a safe really gently, and you will feel a tiny vibration when you hit any of its three numbers. It’s impossible to know the proper sequence, but you can brute force it from there because there are only a few alternatives. 😄
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