Dying Light 2: Broomstick Challenge Location, How To Witch

With this fantastic Dying Light 2 Easter egg, you may ride around the towers. You can summon a broomstick and ride around like Harry Puttah (yes, in a British accent lol!)  with the power of odd mushrooms. The “Baba Yaga” Parkour Challenge awaits, but first, you must complete one of Dying Light 2’s most difficult missions.

This Easter egg is simply waiting to be discovered if you’ve made it to the Central map and ascended the 80-story VNC Tower. There are mysterious landmasses to travel as well as rings to soar through.

Screengrab Courtesy of Jade PG via YouTube

Baba Yaga (John Wick lol) Parkour Challenge Location

Clearing the Broadcast story mission is the first step towards becoming a witch :). While it is technically possible to complete this parkour challenge before completing the story quest, completing John Wick Quest makes the work simpler. This is because clearing the Broadcast mission unlocks an elevator that carries players straight to the top of the VNC Tower. This makes the broomstick challenge easily reachable.

Screengrab Courtesy of Jade PG via YouTube
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Players should go to the VNC Tower in the Central Loop’s Garrison after completing the Broadcast quest and look for the specified elevator on the first floor. Then ride that elevator to the VNC Tower’s roof and head to the east edge. Players will notice a skyscraper with a crane on its top if they look down from this vantage point. They should deploy their gliders and grappling hooks to reach the top of that crane.

Grab ’em Shrooms

Screengrab Courtesy of Jade PG via YouTube
  • The crane’s cube portion, just below its arm, has some blue mushrooms growing in it. Touching them will cause them to grow. Players should repeat this action until they are prompt to begin the Baba Yaga parkour challenge.
  • Players will now be riding a broomstick after confirming. The only thing left to do now is fly through a series of waypoints, with medals awarded based on speed after finishing the task.
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