“Cheers,” a side mission in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, includes poisoned water and is going to be among the first side quest you take on. After the conversation with Julian in the Bazaar, you witness an argument between Julian and two other individuals. One of them alleges that Julian sold her husband contaminated water and that he is on the verge of death because of this. He orders Aiden to locate two witnesses who can testify that Julian was framed.

To find Marco, Julian instructs you to look around the Houndsfield area. Marco’s location will be marked by a yellow objective tag. However, this marker directs gamers to a structure that appears to have no entry.

Finding Marco

  • To reach the yellow goal symbol in Houndsfield, you must first leave Julian. The icon linked with Marco is No. 1, while Hans is No. 2. The first symbol you see will lead you to a building with no apparent entryway.
  • Rather than a door, look for a window on the upper floor. The distance between this window and the yellow objective icon is around 18 meters.
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  • The yellow-sprayed window on the left is where you should enter. To get to Marco, you’ll have to descend down a few floors. Once you’ve spoken with him, the next task is to take out several zombies on the lower floor.

Siding with Marco

  • Accepting Marco’s offer concludes the side quest immediately and Marco provides some benefits. You’ll receive Combat and Parkour XP, 250 money, and flour.
  • All that’s left to do is declare that Marco’s water was safe, letting Julian appear completely guilty. After that, he’s forcibly removed and you’ll discover him afterward, hung in the Bazaar.

Telling the truth

Because of Marco’s enraged reaction to your decision to inform the public of the truth, you’ll have to battle him to the end. Don’t overlook Marco’s fighting abilities. He’s quite strong! Once Marco is defeated, you can search his body to get flour. Choosing this option may not appear to be as rewarding, but you can rest well knowing that you didn’t let an innocent guy be executed.

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