Survivors and Peacekeepers are the two primary factions in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. The Renegades are also included, although they don’t have as much of an influence on the region as the other two groups do. You’ll be given the chance to choose which side to pick. While it may not change the narrative that much, your allegiance with the groups has an impact on the city.

After some time in the game, you will be given a task to reactivate a water tower. You’ll have to pick who will get this benefit – the survivors or peacekeepers. After completing the water tower task, a panel will display that allows you to pick which side receives it. Your level of allegiance to a certain faction will determine which improvements will be available to you.

So which side should you pick?

There is a City Alignment menu that is quite simple to follow. Depending on the group you choose, you may give them more water or electricity, which will increase their influence across the city! You can also enrich the city and yourself if you ally with the right faction.

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Zoom all the way out in the map menu to get to the City Alignment screen. Peacekeepers and Survivors offer a variety of enhancements when they are given water or power, and you can view all of them below.

  • If you choose to side with the Peacekeepers, they will place various traps across the city.
  • The Survivors will place various objects to boost your parkour skills.
Image Courtesy of IGN
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The factions you align yourself with don’t have a major influence on the plot, so you may freely choose which side you want to strengthen. It all depends on what you’re looking for in terms of traps or better parkour obstacles. There are also some extra rewards available. For instance, Peacekeepers will reward you with a Crossbow if you offer them enough improvements. Anyway, just make sure to check through each level of upgrading so you can pick the best choice for your playstyle.😊

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