Dying Light 2: Hoverboard Parkour Challenge, How to Ride

The game’s traversal system is quite important in Dying Light 2. Whether you’re doing parkour or paragliding through the sky, you’ll need to use every mode of transportation available to move around the area as much as possible.

In Dying Light 2, you’ll need to find a few different Hoverboards spread throughout the area to unlock and use them. You will be in a Parkour Challenge in which you’ll have to ride the board.

Hoverboard Parkour Challenge

Players should start at the Church of Saint Thomas on Saint Paul Island’s east side. When you get to this area, enter the church and proceed through the sanctuary. Use your parkour skills to reach a ladder in the northeast corner. Players must next grab the rope to their left and swing across a gap, cross another gap with the chandelier, and jump through the opening in the wall in front of them.

Screengrab Courtesy of Arekkz Gaming via YouTube
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You will now be in a chamber on the right with an open door. Enter the chamber and take the cable from the green generator. This wire can be connected to a generator adjacent to the bell, which is high above the green generator.

Players in Dying Light 2 will have to climb ladders, scaffolding, and poles to get to it. Players must then continue ascending until they reach a room with a radio after the cord has been installed.

After interacting with the radio, players should engage with the hoverboard that appears next to the room’s window. The hoverboard will vanish as a result. Follow the red footsteps on the ground and interact with the hoverboard. Repeat the process multiple times until you reach an automobile near the southeast corner of the Muddy Grounds.

Screengrab Courtesy of Arekkz Gaming via YouTube

Now all players have to do is interact with the car’s trunk to open it and show the final hoverboard. The Hoverboard hidden challenge begins with this object, which players must steer through a total of 23 checkpoints.

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