Immunity is a significant factor in ensuring that you make the most out of your experience in Dying Light 2. At the start of the game, you may find that you won’t even last a few minutes without being concerned about your immunity. You won’t be able to fully explore in darkness or chemical-filled areas without increasing this stat. If you want to improve it fast, here is what you need to know:


Immunity increases the stronger you get in the game. It’s directly tied to both your stamina and health. When one increases, immunity also increases with it. The way to improve your immunity fast is to find inhibitors to upgrade these stats. You’ll need three to level them up.


In addition to increasing your immunity, you’ll also need a share of consumables to stay human as long as possible. You’ll find you can pick up UV mushrooms as you explore the open world. You can consume these to boost your immunity temporarily. You can also buy them in safe zones.

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Apart from that, a more potent version of it is the immunity booster. These are rare compared to UV mushrooms, but you can find them in GRE containers. You can also craft them, but getting the ingredients may not be easy.

  • You’ll get the blueprint for it after completing the quest, The Only Way Out. Crafting requires two UV mushrooms and two Chamomile.
  • Over time, you’ll get enough immunity and won’t have to worry too much about being in dangerous areas for too long. All it takes is some time to level and gather the right items.
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