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Crafting blueprints may be upgraded in Dying Light 2: Stay Human so that they are more effective by boosting damage, crafting goods produced, resistance, etc. For this, you’ll need money as well as trophies obtained by defeating difficult-to-kill infected. Learn how to get a lot of “Infected Trophies” quickly and effortlessly with the advice provided on this page.

Infected Trophies!

The most difficult infected to take down, such as the Goons, Bolters, and Banshees from Dying Light 2: Stay Human, are those with the highest prize rarity. However, Virals, Howlers, and Spitters are the primary sources of Infected Trophies. You’ll require a large number of them in order to make progress on your strategies.

  • TIP: Don’t kill a Howler right away, if you come across one. Consider letting him gather his vicious allies and slay them all at once, increasing the difficulty of your chase before claiming your reward.

Trophy Hunting Equipment

  • It’s time to be ready for the battle in order to maximize your trophy quest! Equip your finest tank and brawler armor depending on whether you favor one or two-handed weapons.
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  • You may also prefer Parkour tactics, although this might rapidly turn into a stampede given a large amount of infected. To increase your chances of surviving, focus on gaining immunity to infection and night resistance.
  • Weapons’ resistance will inevitably wane with time, as is to be expected. Keep in mind that you can repair them one time for every mod slot that applies. In order to do damage to a large number of Virals at once, try to use AOE modifications.

Looking for the right spot

  • Even though the Pursuit may be finished, it’s important to be able to pick up all of the prizes upon completion, especially if you reach level 3. The best spots to engage in Pursuit are those that are close to a Safe Zone and have UV lights.
  • The Virals will most likely lose sight of you if you climb to the tops of buildings, causing the Pursuit to end prematurely. You can also take cover using the UV rays to cure yourself. The booth in front of the Bazaar is a great example of this. The Infected will not be able to climb up there, thus you may cure yourself without having to halt your Pursuit.
  • “Welcome On Board” mission’s UV Torch has a level 1 upgrade that offers it a UV flash upon activation. You may make use of this to keep Virals from pursuing you.

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