Dying Light 2: Should You Help or Let Hakon Die? All Outcomes

Players must determine whether or not to save Hakon after he receives what appears to be a lethal blow. Warning: There are major spoilers ahead, as what happens with either option has massive ramifications for the rest of the story.

Should You Help or Let Hakon Die?

Over the course of a Dying Light 2 playthrough, players will have to make a lot of decisions. Many, if not all, of these choices, have only minor consequences for the plot.

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  • Aiden will go silent if he lets Hakon die, and the players will begin their task as usual. Aiden will have to rely on his incredible parkour abilities to track down the gunman without the assistance of Hakon. Despite being presumed dead, Hakon survives.
    • Later in the game, he’ll resurface, but things are starting to get messy. He’ll ask as if he’s a petty enemy more concerned with his own interests than being a friend. This is an excellent choice for anyone interested in seeing him in action because he’s a fascinating villain.
    • Most crucially, there is no way to have the best ending if Hakon is to die. While there are a few variances, all of the endings are negative in some way. Lawan will perish, and the city will be destroyed.


  • Hakon will direct Aiden to the sniper while also attempting to apologize for his lies and attempts to accuse innocent individuals of deadly acts.
    • After leaving from old Villedor with an option, there would be a long period of silence. He resurfaces, grateful to Aiden, but it will take some balls for him to find the courage he needed to save the city, Lawan, and himself.
Screengrab Courtesy of VGS – Video Game Sophistry via YouTube
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