Dying Light 2 Stay Human’s initial few hours are dominated by your interactions with Aitor. He’s a lieutenant in the Peacekeepers, and he and the Survivors are in conflict in the Bazaar. There will come a moment in the game when you must choose between the two rival groups in the game. In the end, you’ll discover Aitor in a bad condition and be obliged to either save him or let him die.

Upon completing Lawan’s tasks and boarding the Peacekeepers’ vessel in the Central Loop, you’ll find yourself in this section of the narrative. Commander Jack Matt will assign you various missions and Aitor will arrive on the ship in a terrible state in the middle. Regardless of what his spouse tells you, he will die if you don’t get him some remedies.

The Witch

With his wife and doctor by his side, Aitor will be moaning in agony when you arrive. Only by seeing a “witch” and receiving some life-saving herbs from her can you save Aitor, says the doctor. As Patricia, Aitor’s wife is aware, the witch has been suspected of polluting Peacekeepers in the past. In addition, Aitor is revealed to have burned her eyes as revenge for killing Peacekeepers.

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  • Nevertheless, you visit the witch, and she instructs you to gather some Recluse Flowers to add as a potion ingredient.
  • You radio Lawan to get information on where you can obtain them and she will inform you to head over to All Saints Bridge at night.
  • Come back to Aitor on the Peacekeepers spacecraft with the luminous petals you’ve picked from the flowers.

The Petals

You’ll inform the doctor that you discovered the herbs, but Patricia will inquire whether they’re from the witch. If you answer no to this, the doctor will inquire as to the size of the petals you want to offer to Aitor. Call Lawan and she will inform you that the small petals are medically beneficial while the large ones are lethal.

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The Choice: Kill or Save?

You have an option from here. If you want to rescue Aitor, give him the small petals. To execute him, give him the large petals. If you don’t do anything, Aitor will die.

  • If you want to SAVE Aitor and have an alliance with the Peacekeepers, give the doctor the small petals. His condition will stabilize. Saving Aitor is the best course of action if you throughout the conflict. You will eventually find Aitor at the Fisheye and he will then give you the Lazarus Knuckles as a sign of gratitude.
  • If you SAVE Aitor but picked the Survivors, Aitor will tell Jack Matt that you were responsible for the Peacekeepers’ devastation in Old Villedor.
  • If you KILL Aitor with the large petals, Patricia will vow to kill the witch. After which, the doctor will simply ask you to leave.
  • If you REFUSE to give him any petals, the doctor will inject Aitor with a coma-inducing shot. After which, the doctor will also ask you to leave.
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