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In open-world games, fast travel is among the most common features. Simple yet efficient, this option lets gamers cut down on their journey time by swiftly hopping from one location to another. There’s a fast travel feature back in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. But some gamers could use a refresher lesson on how it functions in comparison to the original game.

How To Enable Fast Travel

To begin, locate a Metro Station and activate it. You may find one of the simpler ones near Newalls Crossing in the Central Loop New Dawn Park region. Situated in the heart of the district, this train station provides a convenient point for you. Going to the Metro Stations at night is advisable since most of the infected who reside there are likely to be out looking for victims.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You’ll want to go through the area and get everything before you do the next step. The items will disappear once you’ve switched the generators on.

Once you’ve arrived at a station, take the escalator and enter the tunnel. An on/off switch for a generator may be found by referring to your map. As soon as you’ve discovered it, you’ll be given instructions on how to switch the “emergency generators” on. They are usually around the same area, so this step shouldn’t give you much trouble.

Fast travel is as simple as opening the map and selecting a green landmark, such as an Old Villedor Faction Hub. There are three right-arrowed symbols above every site that can be utilized for fast travel. Additionally, if you’re being stalked at night, the station offers a safe sanctuary.

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Whenever you hover over a destination, an option with further information will show up. Then you just simply click the Fast Travel button and you’ll be teleported. More areas will be added to this option once you’ve unlocked and discovered them.

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