You can’t keep using the same weapon in Dying Light 2: Stay Human for very long before it loses its quality, requiring you to switch to another. This might be a problem, as certain weapons have modifications and charms attached to them. You will destroy the weapon if it completely breaks down. Fortunately, you may repair your weapons to some degree.

In the original Dying Light, players had the option of repairing their weapons.

However, the number of times a weapon could be repaired was limited. They would decay like every other item once they hit that point. Luckily, Dying Light 2 decided against bringing back this method and instead implemented a brand new repair concept. You will just have to spend a few extra resources this time around to make repairs.

Repairing Your Weapons

Weapon modifications and corresponding blueprints are required if you want to fix a broken weapon. Various modification blueprints may be acquired in Craftmaster shops, represented by a “C” on the map. Make sure you have sufficient raw materials to make the weapon mods.

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Once you’ve chosen a weapon, hit the “Modify” toggle. This opens the modding interface, where you may design and customize your weapon by adding various modifications and charms. This feature will give the weapon additional advantages, such as Spark or Fire damage.

There are a number of ways in which you may increase the longevity of your firearms.
  • For example, modifying the tip or shaft of a weapon adds an additional +50 Durability to the weapon. But once you’ve attached a mod, it’s there for good.
  • This means you will not be able to swap mods to restore durability endlessly. Adding upgrades extends the longevity of your weapon, but it will still sustain damage over time.
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