There are various ways in which Stay Human improves on the first Dying Light. Plenty of new features has been included this time around, including an improved mobility system and more polished Skills menus. However, the save option has remained unchanged in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. Newcomers to the series may be unsure about how to save their progress in the sequel. The method is rather simple and we’re here to guide you!

In recent single-player games, saving is one function that’s starting to fade away. Modern games rarely have a feature that used to be common in open-world and RPG titles. If you don’t want to deal with all those save files, you can just let the developers handle the work.

Auto-Save Feature

In Dying Light 2, players need not be concerned about saving their progress because the game informs them of this option at the beginning of the narrative. Because of the auto-save option, the game will store your data at certain moments in your journey.

Just sleep it off.

Resting for the night is among the most popular save points. Your progress is automatically saved if you sleep until the next day. Therefore, if your gaming system crashes and you have not yet hit an autosave point, you will resume your game from the place where you last slept. 😴

Mission and Objectives

Sleeping isn’t the only way to “force” save your game, but it’s the most popular option. It is nearly always the case that the game saves itself after you complete a mission or reach an objective. Small icons in the bottom right corner of the screen indicate whether or not the game is auto-saving. As long as that indicator appears, you may be certain your progress has been preserved. So as long as you reach a certain checkpoint, your PC or console can crash all it wants. 😁

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