Dying Light 2: Stay Human offers several options for character progress, provided you know what to do. All of the activities and side quests you complete in Villedor will reward you with XP gains. So let’s go over the most efficient ways to gain experience.

There are two separate talent trees, each with its own share of experience. There’s both parkour and fighting to help you get around the region more quickly and learn new, destructive ways to defeat your opponents.

In each of these trees, your Player Rank bar rises in relation to your current rank. The player’s rank determines the boundaries of Villedor’s districts. In spite of its somewhat restrictive nature, this rating will make city exploration a lot easier.

A player’s ability to gain new skills and attributes is almost always enhanced by Exploration.

  • In battle or parkour, your XP gauge grows with each action. Despite the fact that it is there in little amounts, you will ultimately level up without even realizing it.
  • Don’t be afraid to employ the new abilities you’ve gained whenever possible in order to keep your experience growing. Also, keep in mind that everything you do in the evening earns you an extra bonus.
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As you go through the game, you’ll come across a variety of different activities and Encounters.

  • A slight ringing sound and a blue marking on your screen let you know they’re there. You’ll be able to help a survivor battling a zombie, hunt down a rare infected, or even fall into traps created by renegades in the course of the game.
  • Night and day bring with them their own set of challenges and rewards. Significantly more exciting than any monetary compensation is the opportunity to get materials and experience.
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Points of Interest and Objectives

  • It is possible to obtain experience quickly by reactivating a mill or finishing an exploration of any unique place.
  • You may use your map to see if the region you’d want to visit offers an experience. There are only a limited number of times that this can be done. Mills, Anomalies, and Zones in the GRE, among other things.
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Side and Co-Op Quests

  • While the major plot quests all give out a significant amount of experience points and you’ll be undertaking anyhow, side quests are no slouch in terms of generating experience points.
  • Take a peek at the prizes listed under the “Quests” page or on the map to see which ones catch your eye. Keep in mind that the majority of co-op quests also provide you XP.
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