If you’re looking for the most expensive thing in Dying Light 2, look no farther than the Crystals! They may be traded to a vendor for a huge sum of cash, allowing you to buy new equipment with ease. Unfortunately, due to their high price and high demand, these items are extremely hard to come by.

Why are crystals expensive?

Crystals are formed from the GRE toxins that were dropped in Villedor in an effort to eradicate the Infected. However, things did not go as planned, and now Villedor has a vast quantity of hazardous waste that may instantly kill humans.

Fortunately, crystals may be found in these toxic slums. They are encountered in huge stalagmite-like objects on the ground in the toxic zones. The game will also warn you if you go into one of these green zones. Your immunity then decreases the longer you hang around.

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Where To Find

You can look for a Crystal at a GRE facility or other structures. Just search for a pile of sparkly pebbles. You’ll receive a Crystal if you stand above the pile and press the interact key.

The Crystals don’t always grow in a chemical region, although that’s where they’re most commonly seen. Having one in your inventory reveals the color rarity. This means that you can still get rich quickly by selling even an unimpressive Green Core to a buyer.

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