Dying Light 2: Stay Human – Where To Find Inhibitors

Getting a Biomarker is among the first tasks you’ll have to do in Dying Light 2: Stay Human. The rate of infection in  Aiden is tracked by this gadget, alerting you when it’s time to leave the shadows and find some light. Any facility or safe zone in Villedor also requires a Biomarker before the player may proceed. An Inhibitor, one of the game’s most elusive loot, may also be found during this quest.

What’s an Inhibitor?

Basically, you can use it like a steroid that upgrades your stamina or health. However, you’ll have to obtain a total of three before you can use it to upgrade a stat. You may do this via the skill panel. Since certain Skills require a particular level of stamina or health to activate, it’s essential to boost them as soon as you can.

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Where To Find

You can search inside blue GRE boxes for Inhibitors. GRE quarantine and GRE anomaly zones house the vast majority of these items. A biohazard and a skull symbol are used to denote these areas on the map. Just make sure you have a GRE key! 😁

  • You’ll want to search for boxes during daylight because most of them can only be accessed from the ground level. You can minimize the risk of a zombie horde by doing this.
  • GRE containers may also be found everywhere across Villedor, not only in those specific areas. Players have yet to discover every container, but the game promises that they can be found “off the beaten path”. So if you wish to increase your stamina and health, you will have to do some serious adventuring!

Massive thanks to PowerPyx for this map!

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