To complete “Stolen Goods” you’ll need to figure out what happened to the items. Teresa and Anna are the two likely culprits. Even though there are many cliffhangers, you will eventually discover who snatched the flour in Dying Light 2.

After obtaining the task, you’ll have a chance to speak with Anna and Teresa.

  • Anna will be at Water Tower. Once you’re done, you’ll walk to the shed to look for traces and investigate them for a while. After following the trail, speak with Anna once more.
  • After which, go to the bazaar and have a conversation with Dodger. You will be tasked to search the South and North warehouses.
  • Head over to the south objective marker. You will see Benny (Teresa’s son) and have a confrontation. He will then tell you to F off and push you, causing you to fall down the lower floor of the building.
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  • After getting out of the building, head over to the North warehouse. You will be seeing Benny and confronting him again. After having a conversation with him, Teresa comes and will admit to stealing the flour instead.

Expose or Race?

  • We’ve figured out who took the flour, thanks to this information. There is still the issue of paying off the amount owed to Dodger, though. One approach is to openly expose Teresa, although this provides the fewest benefits.
1,500 Agility & Combat XP 1x Military Medkit
  • It’s also possible to take part in the race. You get the same benefits, but you don’t have to spend anything. Go for what feels right for you; we suggest keeping your money first and at least making an effort in racing Dodger before making a decision.
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