Dying Light 2: The Black Widow Quest Guide

The Black Widow is a side quest on Dying Light 2 that will start upon speaking to Jolly. The quest will is only available when the main quest  The Lost Light is already completed. This article will guide you on The Black Widow Quest and its possible outcomes based on your choices.

Dying Light 2: The Black Widow Quest

This Black Widow quest is the story of a woman named Elena accused of killing her boyfriend. She is currently threatening to kill another which is the main plot of the quest.

The quest will start with Jolly whose father is Elena’s current boyfriend. Jolly is worried because Elena is infamous for stealing money from her partners and poisoning them to death.

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  • Jolly is located in the PK Floating Fortress in The Wharf. She will ask you to find Elena’s ex-boyfriend, Josh, to inquire about Elena’s whereabouts and her apartment’s secret.
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Josh: The Ex-boyfriend

  • During the nighttime, Josh can be found in Fish Eye bar located in the New Dawn Park. Despite being a patron at the bar, Josh has a bad attitude and is not popular among other customers.
  • Instead, you will meet a lady which is later revealed as Elena. After talking to her, she will walk off and another man will overhear your inquiries. The man will suggest you look into the rooftop.
  • Then, go to the marker on the rooftop to find Josh’s hideout.
  • Once Josh’s location is found, virals will start attacking. Josh needs to survive the attack so you need to switch on the UV light to scare away the virals.
  • When the virals flee, Josh will start to cooperate and tell you about Elena’s formulated poison stash.
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Elena: Poison Stash

  • Investigate Elena’s apartment and look for the stash of poison. After this, opening a briefcase will prompt Elena to arrive and point a knife at you.
  • During your confrontation with Elena, officers will barge into the room. This is your first major decision.
    • Elena poison’s people – Quest ends. Elena will be hanged to death.
    • It’s nothing Officers – Quest continues. Then, you have to prove later that it is not poison.
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Baba, The Plague Witch: Poison or Medicine?

  • If you choose not to snitch on Elena, you need to prove that the formula is not a poison.
  • To do this, you have to find Baba, The Plague Witch. She can be found in her shop at the Chapel of Resurrection on Saint Paul Island.
  • Baba will ask you to find reagents at the GRE Field hospital to test the formula. It is recommended to go there during the nighttime for easier access.
  • After, go back to the Plague Witch’s shop. Baba will confirm that these are antibiotics and not poison.
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Elena: Proof of Innocence

  • Go back to PK Floating Fortress and find where Elena is detained.
  • The officer will ask you to prove them since Baba’s confirmation is not enough.
    • Drink – Drinking the medicine will set Elena free and Jolly will be upset.
    • Don’t Drink – Elena gets hanged.
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Regardless of your choice, you will still get combat and parkour XP in the end.

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