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Players starting their journey in Dying Light 2 may immediately encounter their first problem. The opening quest, The Only Way Out, will have you talking to vendors and characters in the world. Many people then find themselves stuck in the objective: meet the people of the bazaar. Here’s how you can quickly progress through it.

Talk to Everyone First

If you aren’t receiving notification of what to do next even after you’ve gone through the bazaar, make sure you’ve talked to everyone. Here is a list of people you’ll need to talk to before you progress. We’ll also list their location:

  • Lena: Found near the entrance at the ramp leading upstairs
  • Ahab: Found next to the merchant
  • Quest Giver: At the gate outside, you’ll find an interactable at the missing people notice board
  • Vendors: Talk to both the Merchant and Craftsman vendors trackable in-game
  • Urban: On the ground floor, you’ll find him attending to the bar
  • Julian: You need to get the side quest Cheers
  • Carlos: You need to get the side quest, The Spark of Invention
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Continue Exploring

Most people find themselves stuck because they’re still trying to figure out if they’ve talked to everyone. What you need to do is leave and explore the world. Once you begin your exploration, you’ll get a call from Hakon who’ll tell you what to do next. From there, all you need to do is follow the instructions and you’ll complete the quest.

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It’s a very unusual way to structure the game, and it’s unknown if it is a bug. It is the only time you’ll experience something like this, as progress feels normal for the rest of the game. As long as you don’t encounter a game-breaking bug, you’ll be fine. That’s all you need to know about The Only Way Out quest!

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