Dying Light 2: The Revenant GRE Anomaly CA-22, How To Defeat

Completing the tutorial in Dying Light 2 will grant players access to the entire map. The spot just SW of Aiden’s position is where GRE Anomaly C-A-22 is. Players can defeat this boss at the early stages of the game.

The Revenant GRE Anomaly CA-22

Those in search of a boss battle should head to Houndfield’s central-southern section. Those who have secured the Alder Windmill will be pleased to learn that the journey is only a short distance from their starting point.

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If it’s daytime, use a bed at the windmill to hasten things. Aiden should be able to finish the fight and return before the virus starts to spread, but players who want to give themselves an advantage should carry an immunity booster and a powerful weapon.


If Aiden approaches, the boss will hop over quickly, not allowing him to land more than one or two strikes. Aiden must take care of the zombies that are summoned on a continuous basis when it hops off. They are useful not only for collecting combat experience but also as shields.

The anomaly will jump around and unleash fire bolts.  The ideal strategy, though, is for Aiden to position himself between the monster and the zombies. Aiden’s work will be made easy by the undead being hit by the fireballs.

Screengrab Courtesy of x LunarGaming via YouTube
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The boss will be stunned for a few seconds after the final zombie dies, allowing Aiden to perform damage without worrying about the horde or the anomaly hitting him. Because the enemy is now unprotected, all aim is to focus on dealing damage.

This stun is strong but not indefinite, so it will take a few rounds of killing zombies and striking the monster before it falls down. Lastly, don’t forget to collect your rewards from the truck, which will only open after the boss has been defeated.

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