Dying Light 2: VNC Safe Code, How To Solve

The VNC Tower safe code is one of Dying Light 2’s most difficult secrets. Finding the safe in the first place is complex and will demand some Parkour abilities. However, even if you find it, you will need to answer a cryptic hint in order to access the safe.

VNC Tower

Players must first unlock the Tower in Garrison Territory by completing the Broadcast task before they may uncover the VNC Tower Safe.

This will turn the tower’s base into a Safe Zone, allowing players to use the elevator there. Take the elevator all the way to the top of the building, then walk over to a solar panel that faces west. Players will be able to gaze down from the solar panel and see an open apartment window a few levels below.

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Screengrab Courtesy of FP Good Game via YouTube

With the grappling hook, jumping down to this window is simple, but it may be done without it. A safe is along the north wall of the flat. Once there, a desk can be found in the southeast corner. The safe’s clue is a mysterious note on the desk that reads “IF U 555 THEN I’M…”.

Slipknot \m/

The VNC Tower safe code is no exception to the rule that many Easter eggs are based on references to other features. The note appears in the chorus of Slipknot’s song The Heretic Anthem from their 2001 album Iowa.

“I’m a popstar threat and I’m not dead yet
Got a super dred bet with an angel drug head
Like a dead beat winner, I want to be a sinner
An idolized bang for the industry killer
A hideous man that you don’t understand
Throw a suicide party and I’m guaranteed to fucking snap
I’m supersonic, its pornoholic
Breakdowns, obscenities its all I want to be
If you’re 555, then I’m 666
(Whats it like to be a heretic?)”
Screengrab Courtesy of FP Good Game via YouTube
The safe code may be guessed quite easily by reading the lyrics, and typing 666 will open the VNC Tower safe. The safe only contains a black rubber duck with blazing red eyes and a top hat, cool right?.  This is just one piece of a jigsaw, and players who collect enough ducks will be able to perform a ceremony in the VNC Tower’s basement to unlock a special challenge.
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