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Dying Light 2 has many weapons created from the ingenuity needed in a world lacking technological advancement. We see a host of Middle Age-inspired weapons with modern touches. One of the questions players have is if there are guns in the game. Here’s what you need to know about weapons in Dying Light 2.

Melee Weapons

Like the original, Dying Light 2’s melee weapons have durability, depending on their rarity. You lose a point every time you swing, and it hits something. They will eventually break, meaning you need to have a spare ready. Melee weapons are abundant, of course.

The modding system from Dying Light also returns. However, there is no way to remove mods once you’ve placed them in, so you have to be careful. Repairing is also an option though we don’t recommend it as you’ll always find better weapons while you progress.

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What About Guns?

The closest thing to a gun available in Dying Light 2 is the Crossbow and Pipe Bow. You’ll only get access to these weapons when you reach the central loop area.

  • You’ll likely have other favorites to use before encountering the missions that reward these. You can craft arrows for these weapons, and there are also special bolts that apply different types of damage.
  • There is a literal finger gun in the game if you find the blueprint for it. The Left Finger of gloVa allows you to shoot powerful invisible bullets from your finger. It is a nod to Techland’s old game, Dead Island.
Image Courtesy of Techland

Aside from weapons, there are throwing knives, spears, and ye olde bricks. You’ll pick them up during your adventures. You can also buy explosives like DIY grenades and Molotov cocktails from the Craftmasters. There’s enough variety for you to enjoy beating humans and zombies alike.

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