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In Dying Light 2 Stay Human, there are over 50 talents that may be unlocked. It’s divided into two sections: Parkour and Combat skills. There are many ways to get Skill Points in each section. Parkour and Combat Skill Points should be unlocked during the first several hours of playing Dying Light 2. If you’re unsure which abilities to focus on first with your limited unlock points, this guide is for you! 🤗

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There are talents for every play type, whether you’re searching for combat, parkour, or balanced build. There are abilities that allow you to sneak up on your opponents and attack them from behind or above. It’s possible to transform into a parkour god with only a few easy tricks. While the more complex talents in Dying Light 2 need more Inhibitor enhancements.

Combat Skills

This portion of the skill tree is a little more complicated than the others. What sort of battle style you choose depends on the talents you select. However, we’ve selected a rundown of necessary basic early skills that will let you use a large array of fighting mechanics.

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Skill Description
Power Attack Allows you to unleash a more powerful strike.
Perfect Parry This gives you the ability to block your opponent and potentially land a dropkick.
Air Kick Kick your foes with a powerful kick from above.
Block Charge Take an opponent down whilst blocking their strike.
Ground Pound Causes shock to a group of enemies by hitting the ground from above.

Parkour Skills

Dying Light 2’s biggest feature is its parkour, which is perhaps the best element of the game. Your parkour ability is mostly determined by the early-game basic talents that you gain.

Skill Description
Tic Tac Allows you to sprint up and down vertical walls.
Active Landing Allows you to land from a great height while maintaining your forward velocity.
Far Jump Gives you an extra boost when jumping off a ledge.
Dart Stamina is consumed as a trade-off for increased movement speed. While parkouring, this helps in reaching higher ledges and objects.
Firm Grip Allows you to hang on to the last ledge of a wall even if you’ve run out of energy and keeps you from plummeting.
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