Screengrab Courtesy of AZureMaxx

A pair of annoying sharks have emerged from the deep as the newest world boss in Genshin Impact, and they’re creating quite a stir among players. Perhaps in response to the game being a bit on the easy side so far, or perhaps because Mihoyo feels like throwing the players a curveball, these two sharks have a bit more bite than you may have expected. Gathering their boss materials has been a heightened challenge for more than a few players, so let’s arm you with the strategies that you need to help put these sharks back into the tank where they belong. 

Attacks From Different Directions

The main problem with the Bathysmal Vishaps is that there are two of them, and their attack patterns work best when they can distract you and attack from two different positions.

Often, this means that you’re going to be dealing with attacks that come from different directions, and more often, these attacks will be outside of your field of view. Attacking from the periphery allows the vishaps to get hits on you that you might not see coming, and they hit hard.

Ranged Characters

  • Melee characters and anyone who fights up close are going to have a harder time focusing on two things at once, especially when one of them tends to get right up in your face. 
  • The answer to this is distance. A ranged character (such as any main DPS with a bow or a catalyst) is going to give you a much better sight of the battlefield at all times. Being able to fight from a distance lets you see where both of the sharks are at once (for the most part), and widens the amount of area where you can see attacks coming from the sides.
  • This is especially important during the second phase when the attacks come from the defeated shark-like cruise missiles from a submarine. I don’t know about you, but these guys always seem to launch them at me where I can’t see in my peripheral vision, so the occasional back dodge to get a good idea of where the attacks are coming from helps to avoid them.
Screengrab Courtesy of AZureMaxx

Shields Will Not Help You Much

If you insist on fighting up close, know that shields will not help you much in this fight. A fully stocked shield will be easily penetrated (even Zhongli’s shield), so keep your camera movement on a swivel, and pay more attention in this fight than you might normally do. Backdodges and restraining yourself from longer, more greedy combos are paramount.

Play safe, check your sides and give yourself as much distance as possible when you can, and these sharks won’t have nearly as much bite.