Elden Ring: Age of the Stars Ending, How To Get

The Age of the Stars, which is the contrary of the Lord of the Frenzied Flame ending, concerns Renna/Ranni, a mysterious witch. After acquiring Torrent from Melina, every player is introduced to the witch in the game’s first few hours.


To get the Spirit Calling Bell, go to the Church of Elleh and speak with the witch on the other side of the ruins. She goes on to say that you’ll never see her again. Find her if you want to continue and get this achievement.

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Ranni’s quest may only be started once Rogier’s from the Roundtable Hold has been completed, and she can be found at Ranni’s Rise in Liurnia of the Lakes. She will only appear at that place after defeating Starscourge Radahn in Caelid’s Redmane Castle.


NOTE: When Ranni hands you the Moonlight Greatsword, you’ll know the quest is finished and the ending is set.

Complete Ranni’s side quest, which begins when you meet her at Caria Manor in Liurnia. This questline takes you through the Shardbearer Radahn combat, the hidden city of Nokron, and the Deeproot Depths and Ainsel River underground locations.

BLAIDD The Siofra River Well is where you’ll find Blaidd the Wolfman.
SELUVIS Inquire about Sellen with Seluvis.
SELLEN QUESTLINE Sellen’s questline must be completed.
RADAHN Destroy Radahn, the Starscourge
FINGERSLAYER BLADE To retrieve the Fingerslayer Blade, go to Nokron, Eternal City.
RETURN TO RANNI Ranni should receive the Fingerslayer Blade.
ACQUIRE STATUE To get entry to Liurnia’s Divine Tower, obtain the Carian Inverted Statue.
DOLL Locate the Cursemark of Death, then use a portal to retrieve Ranni’s doll and converse with it at a Site of Grace.
BLAIDD To free Ranni and obtain the Discarded Palace Key, travel to Nokstella, Eternal City, and confront Blaidd.
THE “RING” To find a ring, use the key to open a chest behind Rennala in Raya Lucaria Academy.
ASTEL At Grand Cloister, defeat Astel, Naturalborn of the Void
MANUS CELES Find Ranni’s body in the Manus Celes Cathedral and put the ring on her finger.
GREATSWORD Before Ranni vanishes, obtain the Dark Moon Greatsword.

The questline will bring you to the ultimate boss encounter, which may be triggered by using Ranni’s summoning signal once you kill it. Ranni takes Marika’s position as Ranni’s consort, and the Tarnished becomes Ranni’s consort.

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The moon will cover the sun shining over The Lands Between, allowing Ranni and the Tarnished to soar to the sky. All the souls trapped within the Erdtree will be released.

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After fighting the boss and entering the Fractured Marika Site of Grace, look for a blue summon sign beside the statue.

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If you interact with it and summon Ranni, you’ll get the Age of the Stars ending.

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  1. Do you think killing sellen ruins the ending? I attacked her when she was stuck to the wall thinking it would do something… Later on, I found the Doll and she seemed disgruntled does that mean I fucked up?

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