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Elden Ring’s Deathroot is a key item that Gurranq Beast Clergyman is on the lookout for and devours. These Deathroot are limited and can only be found in specific areas in the Lands Between.

A source that gives rise to Those Who Live in Death.
The beast clergyman, found at Bestial Sanctum in the distant east, collects and devours these roots.
On the night of the dire plot, the stolen Rune of Death enabled the first Death of a demigod. Later, the Rune of Death spread across the Lands Between through the underground roots of the Greattree, sprouting in the form of Deathroot. – in-game description

To feed Gurranq, Beast Clergyman, you must locate these Deathroots. Collect as many Deathroots as possible (9) and Gurranq will give you various weapons, equipment, and incentives.

All Deathroot Locations

Finding all of the Deathroot spots is challenging, as they are almost always safeguarded by tough opponents and concealed in unusual places. With that in mind, below are all of the Elden Ring Deathroot locations, as well as how to find and use them.

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Elden Ring has a total of 9 Deathroots, the majority of which are difficult to obtain even when you know where they are. Deathroots are commonly found after undead boss encounters or in skeleton-filled catacombs. Many of them are also possessed by the recurring Tibia Mariner bosses scattered throughout the game.

Deathroot #1
At the Gelmir Hero’s Grave, the entrance to which is on a grassy plain at the upper elevations of the mountains, the Red Wolf of the Champion boss fight drops it.

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Deathroot #2
The Tibia Mariner boss encountered at Wyndham Ruins, on the border between the Altus Plateau and Mt. Gelmir, drops this item.

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Deathroot #3
Behind the Cemetery Shade boss fight in Liurnia, in a chest inside the Black Knife Catacombs.

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Deathroot #4
Behind the Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss fight in Mountaintops of the Giants, in a chest inside the Giants’ Mountaintops Catacombs.

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Deathroot #5
  • Between the Grand Lift of Rold and the Consecrated Snowfields, behind the Stray Mimic Tear boss fight, in a chest within the Hidden Path to the Haligtree’s subterranean tunnels.
  • Drop down from the main staircase where the railing is broken to land on an unseen path, then follow them down, checking for player messages, Rainbow Stones, or Glowstones to make sure you’re on the safe, invisible ground and won’t fall to your death.

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Deathroot #6
In a chest behind the Black Knife Assassin boss fight in Limgrave’s Deathtouched Catacombs.

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Deathroot #7
In the graveyard on the higher slope south of Castle Sol, the Tibia Mariner boss encountered drops this item.

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Deathroot #8
Outside the Carian Study Hall tower, the Tibia Mariner boss encounter drops this item.

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Deathroot #9
Summonwater Village’s Tibia Mariner boss fight drops this item.

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  • Return to the Roundtable Hold and speak with D, Hunter of the Dead; if he is not present, check the graveyard west of Summonwater Village. He’ll note a spot in East Limgrave on your map as a gateway to a friend.
  • This portal will transport you to the Bestial Sanctum near Dragonbarrow’s northern tip, where you will find Gurranq, Beast Clergyman. These items are generally Faith-based.


  1. Clawmark Seal and Beast Eye
  2. Bestial Sling
  3. Bestial Vitality
  4. Beast’s Roar
  5. Beast Claw
  6. Stone of Gurranq
  7. Beastclaw Greathammer
  8. Gurranq’s Beast Claw
  9. Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone

Gurranq – How To Beat

  • You will meet Gurranq for the 4th Deathroot in unusual combat in which you do not have to kill him per se. The goal here is to inflict a significant amount of damage on his HP in order to end the battle.

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  • When you return to this area later in the game, you’ll see that Gurranq has become sober and is looking for additional Deathroots. Give it to him so he can go into trance and battle you once more. Just kidding!

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