FromSoftware’s latest game, Elden Ring, boasts a wide variety of fascinating and unique weaponry, but obtaining them all is a challenge. But obtaining the legendary weapons in the game is much more challenging but more beneficial since they are very powerful. Let’s go over each of the legendaries and where to get them!🧐

To discover all of the weapons in Elden Ring would be an incredible challenge. Fortunately, there are only 8 Legendary Weapons in the game.  Others appear much later in the game and are much more difficult to achieve, but if you intend to use them, you may earn a significant amount of power right away.

Devourer’s Scepter

ABILITY: When you use the scepter to strike the ground, a powerful surge of energy is released that consumes the life of your foes while simultaneously healing you.

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HOW TO GET: You can get this legendary weapon early in the game or late in the game. The weapon master’s lodge, where Bernahl keeps it, is where you’ll find it. You can kill him to get it instantly, but you will forfeit access to his Ashes of War as well as his quest.

  • On the other hand, you get another chance to obtain it later in the game. You’ll come across it again as you explore an annex tower with a chest towards the end of Farum Azula.
  • If you haven’t completed the Volcano Manor missions yet, he won’t appear. However, you can always go to the Warmaster’s Hut to see if he’s still around. If you don’t kill him, you’ll have to do it at the beginning of a new game.

Sword of Night and Flame

ABILITY: Nightflame lets you unleash a burst of flames or a magic comet.

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HOW TO GET: Caria Manor, north of Liurnia, has a chest containing it. Once you’ve gotten your mount, you can go there swiftly without having to face Godrick the Graft. Right after passing through Valorage’s gates, simply go down a cliffside path on the right. Once you’ve made it to the top of the Liurnia map, you’ll need to proceed northwest. CLICK HERE to read or step-by-step guide!

Ruins Greatsword

ABILITY: The Wave of Destruction triggers a huge explosion of gravitational force.

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HOW TO GET: The Red Lion Castle’s first boss location is where you may get this weapon. This boss is not present if the festival takes place on-site and you are prompted to face Radahn directly. It’s important to exit the location and reload it after defeating him and speak with Jerren. The enemies, the regular castle route, and the boss carrying the Ruins Greatsword will then be available.

Dark Moon Greatsword

ABILITY: Increases magic attack and fortifies a weapon’s frost defenses. Barrages of moon forces are unleashed by charged assaults from afar.

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HOW TO GET: At the conclusion of Ranni’s long quest. CLICK HERE to read or step-by-step guide!

Bolt of Gransax

ABILITY: It’s almost like throwing a lance of crimson lightning out of the sky without the need for Faith. For characters with high Dexterity or Strength, this is an excellent long-range weapon to have.

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HOW TO GET: Keep in mind that if you get too far into the tale, you can miss this weapon. Before murdering Maliketh, make sure you locate the Bolt of Gransax first.

  • To acquire this weapon, you must first arrive in a capital city, climb the large spear that penetrates the city’s walls or climb the roofs to jump on the spear and obtain it.
  • The much simpler option is to defeat Godfrey as the first boss in the area, go down with the elevator and go to the spear.

Eclipse Shotel

ABILITY: A rare curved blade that may inflict malemort on its foes. The sufferer dies immediately when the affliction bar is full.

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HOW TO GET: This weapon can be discovered in Castle Sol, which is north of Giant’s Heights. It’s on the altar in the chapel southeast of the castle.

Golden Order Greatsword

ABILITY: Using the Establish Order, you may perform a combination strike, and then unleash a slew of holy energy in your direction.

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HOW TO GET: A Leonine Chimera wields yet another legendary weapon, proving that they have a natural liking for wielding such weapons.

  • He rules the Cave of the Outcasts, which may be found east of the Sacred Snowfields and beneath the Haligtree.
  • The Secret Medallion is the only way to get access to this. Taking care of the local magma dragon will very certainly be a must.

Marais Executioner’s Sword

ABILITY: You may use Eochaid’s Dancing Blade to strike foes by flinging it forward.

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HOW TO GET: It is possessed by Elmer of the Briar, a dungeon boss found between Mount Gelmir and the Altus Plateau, in the crypt of Shadowhold. A poisonous green swamp surrounds the castle, making it easy to see.

Grafted Blade Greatsword

ABILITY: Swear an oath of revenge on the greatsword, which will raise all of your characteristics temporarily. Because of the oath’s benefits, you’ll have more poise when using it.

Image Courtesy of Elden Ring Wiki

HOW TO GET: Stormwind Castle’s Leonine Chimera boss has this one. Necrolimbo is located to the south of the Weeping Peninsula.

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