Elden Ring: All PvP Items and Their Uses

There has been a thriving dueling culture built around PVP in previous FromSoftware games, and Elden Ring is no exception. You could play offline if you prefer to reduce these confrontations in pursuit of finishing your journey by yourself. Moreover, you’ll be able to call other gamers for support like in a multiplayer situation with the use of special PvP items. But to help you in beating your aggressor solo, Elden Ring brings PvP items that you can use in the game. Let’s take a look at what they are and how you use them. 🔥

Merchant Kale

Gamers may battle online multiplayer much like in other FromSoftware titles. The Festering Bloody Finger, which may be purchased from Merchant Kale by tarnished users, allows them to infiltrate the world of other gamers.

Elden Ring Kale Location Map
Image Courtesy of Bandai Namco

In the eastern area of the map, besides the small Erd Tree, you’ll locate the Kale site that offers Bloody Fingers. Each one is worth 1,000 Runes, and he only stores 5 at a time. It may be utilized to activate randomized matching in order to face off against other gamers.

Bloody Finger

  • You can make use of the randomized invasion system with the Bloody Finger. By doing this, you’re basically trespassing into the game of another gamer who is participating in a live online session.
  • You must be connected to the Elden Ring servers in order to access this feature. The Bloody Finger will thereafter try to pair you up with another player in the game.

Let the hunt begin!

After arriving at the Host of Fingers, you will be charged with hunting the other gamer. Traveling north of the Minor Erd Tree will give you a good idea of how this plays in single-player. Anastasia, the Tarnished-Eater, may be found and defeated there. Some gamers will stand out from the crowd due to their bright red coat.

The combat will take effect in a tiny space surrounded by a barrier. If you don’t have the Phantom Bloody Finger, you won’t be able to escape. In addition, the amount of flasks you may use is reduced by 50% during these battles, reducing your healing capacity significantly.

Othe PvP Items

Blue Cipher Ring Puts you in a ready condition where you can instantly respond to a cry for aid from another gamer or friend. You’ll be able to help them in defeating the Bloody Finger intruder immediately, granting you’re online.
Duelist‘s Furled Finger When someone summons you, you set a Red Summon Sign and challenge them to a battle in your own world.
Festering Bloody Finger Enables you to enter the world of another gamer at random.
Furlcalling Finger Remedy You’ll be able to notice all kinds of summon signs surrounding you. When you engage with the Signs, you will be sucked into the world of the player who placed them.
Small Red Effigy A summoning indication for a competition sent to multiple neighboring summoning pools (activated pools only).
Taunter’s Tongue Using this item means you are allowing (or inviting) Bloody Fingers to invade you.
White Cipher Ring A call for assistance is automatically sent anytime you are invaded by a Bloody Finger.

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