Elden Ring : All Tower Puzzle Solutions

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game. While playing the game you may encounter plenty of locked Towers. These Towers have a special little puzzle to solve. You’ll need to solve the puzzle to urge the things within the Tower. If you’re wondering where to seek out all tower solutions, then you have got visited the proper place.

Oridys’s Rise Puzzle Solution

To solve the Oridys’s Rise puzzle within the Weeping Peninsula, you need to “Seek three wise animals.”

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  • The First turtle is going to be opposite the doorway to Oridys’ Tower.
  • You can find the second turtle on the bushes to the left of the tower entrance.
  • The third turtle will be on the pond to the correct of the tower entrance.

After breaking the three barriers, you’ll be able to enter the tower. You’ll find a Memory Stone inside, which is able to provide you with a +1 sorcery/incantation slot.

Testu’s Rise Puzzle Solution

The Testu’s Rise tower is in Liurnia Lake, north of Raya Lucaria Academy. You can’t enter the tower because of the magical barrier. You need to search and break three wise beasts to enter the tower.

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  • You will find the primary Wise Beast/ turtle crawling near a bush some steps away.
  • The second one can be found beneath the rock on a grassy ledge.
  • The third and final Wise Beast/ turtle can be found around the back of the tower.

Now again after hitting it, You’ll find another Memory Stone within the chest at the highest of the tower.

Lenne’s Rise Puzzle Solution

Lenne’s Rise Tower is found in Greyoll’s Dragonbarrow, northeast of Fort Faroth, east of the Divine Tower of Caelid. This tower can be accessed through a balcony from the backside.

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  • To urge into the tower, players should jump into the air with the whirlwind, then use Torrent’s double jump to spice up them onto a ledge at the front of the building.
  • Once players land on the ledge, they will enter the tower and explore. After stepping into the tower you may get a chest containing a Memory Stone.

Chelona’s Rise Puzzle Solution

Chelona’s Rise is an upper plateau. You can find it in the south-eastern Liurnia that’s only available after you complete a big chunk of the Ranni questline. Due to blue magic, this tower is also locked. You have to search out “Seek 3 Great Wise Beasts” to unlock the tower.

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  • The first turtle is on the west of Chelona’s Rise itself.
  • The second wise beast is on the east side. Check the cliff ledges south of the Lunar Estate Ruins. There’s a cliff below the ledge and fans should look down and to the left to determine the second great wise beast.
  • The third wise beast is on the southeast of Ringleader’s Evergaol floating within the Spirit Spring. It’s high within the sky, so hunt and use a bow to hit it.

After completing the Three Wise Beasts Puzzle, climb to the highest of the tower and open the chest to get Ranni’s Dark Moon Sorcery.

Mirage Rise Puzzle Solution

While exploring the Altus Plateau region in Elden Ring, players encounter Mirage Rise near the Second Church of Marika. Here players will see a tome rather than a tower. The tome instructs them to touch three Phantom Crests.

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  • The first Crest is next to the tome.
  • To get the second Crest, summon Torrent and ride on that. Head towards the southwest, you’ll see the second crest but fight with the Phantom Imps before you touch it.
  • The third and final symbol is sort of a small amount difficult to seek out. Firstly, you have got to travel into the woods southeast of Mirage. Then seek for an oversized rock near the cliff’s edge, which has no real noticeable characteristics. Break the rock, and you may find the ultimate Crest.

Activate all three crests then you’ll find Unseen Form and Unseen Blade sorceries.

Heretical Rise Puzzle Solution

You can find the Heretical Rise tower, west of the big frozen lake within the Mountaintops of the Giants region. To enter you’ve got to get on the opposite side of the ravine. After that, players should hunt for a little portion of the bridge that extends over the ravine and toward Heretical Rise. There you may find an invisible pathway over the ravine during this position.

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  • The invisible path goes straight for around two-thirds and so turns left and up to achieve the balcony with a broken railing. That’s our entry point to the Heretical Rise.
  • You can use sorceries, like Swift Glintstone Shard, to test the trail ahead of you.

Moreover, you can drop items like Rainbow Stones to test if they’ll fall or float. After entering the tower, you’ll find marionette enemies and also the Founding Rain of Stars spell.

Albinauric Rise Puzzle Solution

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You can find the Albinauric Rise tower in the east Snowfield region. The tower is going to be locked, you’ve got to resolve a puzzle to unlock it. Within the vicinity of the doorway, there’s a statue depicting two Fanged Imps fighting between themselves. There are two ways to resolve the puzzle:

  • Firstly, Summon the Fanged Imp Ashes and kill an imp or make some damage while the summon is fighting alongside you.
  • Alternatively, get a Bewitching Branch. Then use it on an imp at the tower to induce it to kill the opposite imp.

Now, Climb the tower to seek out a Graven-Mass Talisman, which increases all sorcery spell damage by +8%

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